CUMSLOPPY STORY || Basic Training

Being a T.I or military training instructor has its advantages. Just look at them, all green recruits, they have no idea of what lies before them. I can’t wait to get them up to the Barracks, see them in the showers ahh fuck yea. All those tight asses and swinging cocks; all for my enjoyment, thank you Uncle Sam, thank you indeed!

Just a little about me to start, I have been a military training instructor at Lackland AFB for the last six months and let me tell you I didn’t start out using my boys, not at first anyways. It slowly happened; it could have been the showers, or their musky smell from morning and afternoon PT that wore me down. In any case it started out innocently enough; it could have been the lingering stares during their showers or maybe even the late night walk through the barracks that gave me away but it was bound to happen and it did. I broke down and used my position to my advantage, well more correctly to my and my Airmen’s advantage. Some of them wanted to get off and I obliged.

I guess it started with Amn Johnson; the flight you see was out on field training for the day and Johnson was left behind to guard the barracks. I needed to finish up some reports in my office so I returned to the barracks. Being the TI I had a key to the barracks so I just walked in. I was kinda surprised to find Johnson not at his post but then again when you’re left alone for a few hours, you take advantage of the latrine. Walking down the hall I heard Johnson in the latrine and I guessed right, he was trying to work one out while the flight was gone. I could hear him moaning. Now normally I would have busted his balls and interrupted him before he busted his nut, but I was fucking horned up. I could tell he was getting close so I walked in; the look on his face was priceless, pants down dick raging hard. Now Johnson was a 19 year old from Ohio, farm fed boy if I ever saw one and damn he had a sweet piece of meat and I was hungry.

All I said was “Johnson, what the fuck are you doing?” The kid just turned all colors and mumbled he tried to play it off but I walked over to him and just grabbed his sweet 7.5 inch cock, thinking he probably had three weeks’ worth of cum built up and that I wanted it. I simply told him that I had him now for abandoning his post. I laid it on thick too. I told him I was going to see him at his court martial trial. He begged me not to bust him. He said he would do anything I told him to do and just begged me not to turn him in. I took full advantage of the shock his system was going through. I pushed him down on his knees and rubbed his face on my crotch he looked up and was like Sarge? I just smacked his face and told him he had to choose right now, jail or be my bitch.

He was too scared to resist and so I whipped out my meat and shoved it down his throat, I just went to town on this hot little Amn, I fucked his mouth till my cock was rock hard. I then lifted this bitch up and spun him around. All I could hear was him whimpering and begging me to stop. I said “Fine, jail it is and won’t Mommy and Daddy have fun visiting you in federal prison.” I told him that what an embarrassment he would be to his family if they found out the reason he abandoned his post was so he could jerk his cock and get a nut off. That’s all it took his will was broken and now he was mine. I pulled him out of the stall and turned him so he would see himself in the mirror with me behind him. I told him I was going to fuck him, but I wanted to hear him asking me for it. I said what is it going to be boy what do you want, He simply said in a quiet voice that he wanted me to fuck him, so I bent him over the sink and with no lube just his spit on my cock I ravaged and ripped his virgin ass open. Fuck he was tight, but I told him if he made one noise or made one cry, our arrangement would be over. Sure as shit – there was not a cry, just the sound of my cock smacking his cunt.

I lasted about ten minutes and damn, I busted a two day load deep in his torn ass. The kid didn’t know what to do. Somewhat still in a sense of shock I ripped off his tee shirt and covered his eyes. I told him I wanted him to jerk off; I said he deserved that much now that he was my bitch. I told him that I covered his eyes so he would feel a bit more comfortable jerking off. He obeyed me and started to jerk off, what a piece of meat; I took my cell phone out and recorded him jerking off. I figured I might need the leverage against him if he ever wised up. Sure as shit when he busted his nut three weeks of cum went everywhere. I ripped his torn shirt off his head and I forced his face to the ground I told him he made a mess with all that cum and I wanted it cleaned up. He attempted to use shirt but I was like fuck no! I told him to lick it up and not to miss a drop. Fuck I get hard every time I watch that video.

After he licked the last bit of cum up I watched as he looked to the sink. I could tell me wanted to spit but I simply said “Don’t even think of it, swallow it, now!” He looked at me as if I were nuts. I covered his face and noise and said “Swallow” and he obeyed. I then told him to get dressed I could sense he wanted to clean out my cum that was seeping inside him and again I was like, “Oh no my cum stays in. Dress now.” Again like a beaten slave, he obeyed. “Good boy Johnson, good boy.” No sooner then he put on a new tee shirt the fight arrived back, I told the dorm chief that Johnson was relieved form guard duty and that he was going to be in my office for a while.

I then told Johnson to follow me in to my office. As he entered I told him to shut the door. I then told him that I was going to make sure my cum stayed in him. He looked at me a bit puzzled, I told him to drop his pants and underwear. When he did I could see the blood stains in his shorts. I told him to bend over, I then reached into my overnight bag and pulled out a special butt plug I had hidden in the bag. When Johnson saw the plug his eyes went wide open and I told him not to make a sound as I shoved the plug deep inside him. I told him I would pull it out in an hour and then instructed the boy to sit in the corner of my office. An hour later the flight was asleep. I removed Johnson’s plug and told him to get some sleep. Johnson left my office and made a bee line straight for the latrine to try and clean up with out attracting to much attention. I followed him to the latrine a few moments later and opened the stall door he was behind. He looked up to me and I was pleased to hear him beating off another load.

Courtesy of BreedingZone. 

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