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I was awakened when I felt his stiff cock poke me, and I shifted my ass just enough that his cock was centered on my hole and he slid home on the two loads of cum still in my ass from his last fucks. He had fallen asleep after the last breeding and still had his left arm wrapped around me. He hugged me tighter as he worked his way in; I guess he was having a hot sex dream and that got him stiff and he needed to work off another load. This was not a hard fuck like the earlier ones; this was just a lover’s fuck, side by side, spooning, and I was moving against him to get him in good and deep. He was just as stiff as the last time; this boy is just a remarkable fucker. It took a while to get him excited enough to really fuck ass. I could tell when he was getting close; his cock seemed to get even stiffer and thicker, and it felt hot in my ass. Soon I felt the familiar spurting of his hot cream in my hole and he sort of hummed and sighed and kissed the back of my neck and then relaxed, and soon I heard and felt his steady breath on my neck as he fell back asleep. I wondered if he was really awake when he fucked me, or just fucked me in his sleep.

I laid there enjoying the feel of this hairy, muscular young stud naked against my body, and thought how lucky I was to have found him. When he came home from work the afternoon previous he had greeted me with a big kiss and squeezed my ass and worked my nips and said “You ready to fuck, Dad?” He likes to me to be nude when he comes home, and by now I have learned to be cleaned out and lubed when he walks through the door. I bent over the arm of the couch and he unbuttoned his jeans and let his stiff cock spring out and stuck it up my ass and proceeded to fuck the shit out of my ass till he blew his load. After that we made out the way men normally do before sex; I know his needs by now; he comes home with a head full of aggravation from work and has been thinking about how much he needs to fuck ass to get over it, and he knows there will be a man there to help him work off his stress the way he likes to do it.

We sat on the couch (me on the waiting towel, as I have learned to put one under me, to catch the cum drips) and talked about our day and our plans for the week as we kissed and made out. I love to tousle his hair and play with his boy beard and his hairy chest, and he was responding in kind. The kid is built and works to keep his body looking great. After we had fucked he had shucked off his clothes, as we usually stay nude at home.

After supper, watching a little TV and responding to email on the computer, he came up to me at the computer and when I turned around his semi stiff cock was at mouth level, so I sucked him up and he said “You know what happens when you do that, don’t you?” and I said “That’s why I’m doing it!” He pulled me up and we kissed and headed off to the bedroom, turning off the lights on the way.

Sometimes after supper he will pick up a couple cigars and then he will lead me down to the playroom and put me in the sling and we will both enjoy our cigars while he enjoys my ass there, but tonight we were both tired from a long day and went to bed, but not to sleep just yet. We made out till he couldn’t take it any longer and he put my legs over his shoulders and stuck his cock up my ass again, using the earlier load of cum as his lube. I like this position, where I can wrap my legs around his hips and put my heels in his ass cheeks if I want to push him in harder, which I seldom need to do, but mainly because we can kiss as he fucks me. It was a real power fuck again, as being young, he loves to fuck ass, and he knows he does it well. And after he pounded that load up my ass, we kissed and eventually fell asleep side by side, with his arm around me.

I never thought I would be in a relationship like this. When I was young, I was a Boy to several different Dads, and learned how to be a good Boy and worship cock and get fucked and take my Daddy’s loads. But when I grew up, I became a Dad, and a Top Dad. I was the breeder; the Boys took my cock and loads. I would occasionally get fucked, mostly by other Dads at bareback parties, but it was not a regular thing.

And that was how we met. We were at a bareback party and I assumed he was one of the bottom Boys and he knew well that I was one of the Top Dads. What I did not know at the time was that he was a Top Boy, and he was looking for a Bottom Dad. They are rare, but they do exist. And his favorite thing is to find an unwitting Top Dad and figure a way to breed his ass.

I had been fucking a Boy and was winding down after planting my load, and when I pulled out, this very attractive hunky young Boy sucked my cock clean and felched the load I had just planted and shared it with me in a kiss. I was very turned on, of course, and when he suggested we go out for a smoke, I was really turned on. To find a hunk like this that smoked lit my fires, and I was hoping he would be next on my breeding schedule.

While we were out smoking hands found dicks and nips and soon we were sharing smoke and after we finished our smokes, we went back in and took up where we left off. I sucked that beautiful cock of his, which has the nicest little up curve to it, just enough to destroy your prostate when he’s fucking you face to face; but I didn’t know that then. After I had sucked him he pushed me flat on my back and went to work on my dick, and soon I was pointing straight up.

He had positioned us on the side of the bed with my legs hanging over, so he knelt on the floor and took my balls in his mouth, first one by one and then both, rolling them on his tongue. I was about to spurt a cum fountain straight up, but then he raised my legs and had me hold them so he could rim my ass.

At any bareback party I clean out just in case, and because I like to be rimmed. And this boy could take the prize on rimming ass. I didn’t think a tongue could go up an ass that far. And when I’d get to loving it he would pull off and take my cock or balls in his mouth, and I was having the best oral sex I ever had.

What I did not know was that he was getting as turned on by this as I was. As I was lying there with my eyes closed relishing the wonderful oral sex, I realized there was something bigger than a tongue in my hole. I opened my eyes to see my legs on his shoulders and realized that was his cock sliding up my ass, and I was fucked. When he saw I was aware what he was up to, he bent me double to kiss me and work my nips, and the position forced his cock up my ass. I couldn’t protest, and I was so turned on by this hot boy that my ass welcomed him home. I wrapped my legs around his hips and he proceeded to pound his first load of cum up my ass.

After his needs were met, he proceeded to complete the oral sex routine, getting me so turned on by felching his load out of my ass and sharing it with me as we kissed, and then working on my cock and balls and fingering my ass as he sucked my cock, working my prostate with a finger as I spurted and then he snowballed my load to share with me. As I lay there in a puddle of satisfied sex, he suggested that we go home together and continue this. I invited him home and we indeed did it over and over till we were both exhausted.

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