CUMSLOPPY STORY || Blindfolded and Used

We arranged it all before I headed over that afternoon. It was mid-summer, back in the late 90s. I was horned up on a Saturday. There was a guy online whose photos I had been drooling over for quite some time. He was dark skinned, muscled, hot as hell, smooth skinned, big dick… fuckin’ just sex personified. I had been a bit cautious up until then, because as hot as his pics were, he seemed very very aggressive when we had chatted. That day was no different, but I was so horned up, and wanted his dick so badly, that I was ready for anything.

He didn’t live all that far from me and once I had his address I got myself ready and headed over. As he buzzed me into his building and I made my way up to the third floor loft/condo where he lived, my dick was hard and my heart was beating fast.

As planned, he opened the door, standing behind it so I could not see him. I walked in and immediately stripped off my clothing while standing in the hallway. I avoided turning my head to see him. After I was completely naked he came up behind me and tied a bandana around my eyes to blindfold me. He was naked as well and he pressed his muscular body up against me and said in my ear “I’m gonna fuckin’ use your holes boy”before leading me into the main room and pushing me down on his couch.

He positioned himself on the couch, with his legs spread and brought my head down to suck and lick his big bare dick. He held the back of my head and neck and guided me up and down his cock shaft, telling me how he liked it, and what he wanted me to do. He would force his big dick all the way down my throat and hold it there until I started to gag, then lift my head up and tell me to lick and suck his cock head and piss slit. Alternately he would guide me down to his nutsacks and have me lick and suck them before lifting his legs higher and shoving my face down into his ass. He had me rim him deep and long, breathing his musky man smell deep while my tongue and lips worked his hole.

After some time he pulled his dick and hole away from my watering mouth, and positioning me face down on the couch, my knees bent and ass up, he moved around behind me and spit on my hole, lubing it up. He positioned his big dick at my ass hole and started pushing it in – driving it in – forcing my hole open for his hard thick big dick until he was completely planted, nuts deep in my ass, as I squirmed and gyrated on the couch. He would then proceeded to pull his entire dick out, and repeat the process. Again and again. Long dicking me. Opening my hole. Using his thumbs to spread me open while he fucked me.

Then he pulled out and moved back to the couch, and fed me his dick again, telling me to taste my ass on his dick. He took what I can only assume was a tie, and wrapped it around my neck, leaving a long end for him to hold onto with his fist, so he could burry his dick deep down my throat and hold my head in place while he fucked my throat.

Then the buzzer rang. He got up from the couch and I heard him buzzing someone else into the building. A short while later, as I lay blindfolded on the couch where he had left me, I heard him let another person into the condo. He had him strip down as well. I heard someone, turns out the new guy, put on a zipper mask. The two guys came over to where I was, whereupon I was fed the new guy’s dick with the explanation I would service them both well as they were going to fuck me all afternoon.

The new guy’s dick was not as big as that of our host, but it got hard and he had low hanging balls that started to slap my chin as he drove his dick into my mouth. They started taking turns using my mouth and throat, until our host stood me up, lead me around to the back of the couch, bent me over, and then instructed the new guy to “fuck the faggot.” He didn’t take much prodding. Before long his dick was rammed deep up my hole, all while the host egged him on. Before long our host came around to the front and fed me his dick so I was being used at both ends. Then they switched positions.

This continued back and forth for a long time, both my holes getting dick at the same time before they switched places and I would be filled up again. After sometime our host moved the new guy to the couch and had me get between his spread legs and service his dick and rim his hole, while the host fucked my ass from behind driving his hard big dick deep. When the new guy started to shoot he had me swallow his cock and load and then lick him clean from every drop of cum. Leaving me naked and used on the couch, our host walked the other guy back to the front, had him get dressed and showed him out the door. Then he came back and again resumed fucking my hole. He was getting close. It had been hours since I had first arrived. I must say I was amazed at his stamina. He pulled out and positioned himself back on the couch, putting the tie back around my neck as he face fucked me yet again. His thrusts were getting wilder and wilder and I knew he was headed for an orgasm. I started stroking my hard dick and licking and sucking his cock until I tasted his cum as he started to shoot. He grabbed the back of my head and drove his dick all the way down my throat as he finished shooting his load.

After he had shot he moved back to my hole and tease it sliding his cock head on and out. Finally he stood me on my feet and lead me back to the door, grabbed me and brought me really close, and started kissing me deeply as he massaged my ass cheeks. Eventually, while still nose to nose, he said “Thanks, buddy – we should do this again.” He then stepped away from me, saying he was going into the other room, and I should get dressed, take off the blindfold. He also said he would hit me up later. I dressed, removed the blindfold, called out “Thanks, man” and headed for the door.

Oh yeah – although I had peak through the bottom of the bandana to look at his body and cock as well as that of the other guy, I never saw him face to face in person.

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