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Hey, all horny men (and boys) out there.

This week has been sooooo awesome I really don’t know where to begin, hehe. Me and Liam Cole ventured over to Berlin for the 7th Berlin Porn Film Festival, which screened a selection of new, old, experimental, arthouse, gay, lesbian, transgender, and straight porn in a big program over 5 days.

It’s been truly amazing, meeting filmmakers from all over the world and seeing their varied work, learning so much about human sexuality and the way we express it.

I have to admit I really love Berlin (especially as a temporary visitor) — its laid-back decadence and self-importance, excelling even in its partly rundown areas and poorer quarters.

One night I went to Laboratory, an awesome HUGE sex club on two levels underneath the infamous club Berghain. Horny men in leather, sport shorts, fully nude, or partly clothed cruised around the dark corners of the club or hung around the bar with the rude staff, hehe. They really were; I usually don’t mind but I was a little bit surprised. I ordered a coca-cola and got a bottle. I wanted a glass to avoid too many bubbles in my nose, lol. Since the skinhead barman was already busy with others, I reached in a bit to get one from the rack of glasses. He turned to me, grabbed my arm, and said in a low, menacing voice, “If you reach over the bar again, I’ll kill you.” I was a bit taken aback and just nodded. A Swedish friend I’d just met in the cruising areas was really shaken by it, though we later laughed about it, hehe. But still — Welcome to Berlin, lol.

I later took the hot Swedish guy into a cubicle, where I licked his sexy, smooth hole till I shot a load over the floor. Later, in a different area, I rimmed his bum again while wanking him off and was rewarded with a big, juicy load in my mouth and beard. Hot!

Before I met the Swedish guy, I sucked off two hot, veerrryy hung Argentinian guys in the smoking area and got to taste their huge loads too. The joy, hehe.


It was getting colder in Berlin so we took a cab back home. I got back before Liam, dropping the Swedish boy off first.

The day after I was too knackered for any shags, but the one after that I met a really cute 20 year old boy. I told him I wanted to fuck him bareback and that I was HIV positive. He didn’t object as he was poz too, but he said, “OK, you can fuck me bareback, but you will have to get me a pack of cigarettes.” (That’s like €5 — I managed, hehe.) He had an amazingly hot bum and when I started pounding him missionary, he looked up at me with his big Eastern European blue eyes and said, “Can I call you daddy?”

It felt like my already massively big hard-on grew an inch or two,  hehe, and I said casually, “Yeah, sure, boy. I’m your daddy!” Love that roleplay, hehe.

On Sunday, when my head was spinning with too many films and I couldn’t handle any more, I started watching one film at the cinema but then sneaked out to the entrance hall to check my GayRomeo messages. I had a message from a very cute 18 year old boy, a little bit taller than me but nice and skinny. I asked him if I could fuck him bareback. He asked me what my status was and I said I was poZitive, and he said he had just found out a week ago that he was poZitive too. He was a bit sad, so I asked if he wanted to meet to talk about it. He agreed and I went over.

When he opened the door in his cute, little, oversized boxer-shorts, I got a hard on straight away; I couldn’t help it. He must have felt the same — before the door closed behind me, we were all over each other, kissing and making out.

I rimmed his horny boyhole as he moaned with pleasure, enjoying the tongue getting deeper and deeper into him. Then I pushed my fat cock into him and, after ten minutes, we simultaneously shot out loads: mine in him and his all over his stomach.


We relaxed for a while, talking about our experiences. It turned out he was working as a rent boy and had been for some time. He just turned 18 in August.

After that, I made my way back to the cinema and sneaked back into the screening (it was a long programme of short films), just in time for the final Q & A.

Oh, I almost forgot that me and Liam dropped into a sex club/shop in Schoeneberg to see what films they were selling. All the Treasure Island Media titles were well displayed in prominent positions (awesome!).

Because I was in some films for other studios, as well as being in most of Liam’s films, I won in terms of which of us had the most films there (result!), hehe.

Tomorrow we’re going back to London. Thank god — my cock is overworked and needs some relaxing, hehe. See you then.

Hugs and thanks to the wonderful Berlin team for organising such an awesome festival,. Oh btw, the audience seemed to enjoy my KUK 1 short film very much (I’ll upload it shortly somewhere for you all to see it). The trailer was appreciated, and I also managed to sell two of my photos, so I’m very proud.


Hugs, Anton

(P.S. Liam says hi.)

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