CUMSLOPPY STORY || The Alarm Repair Man

I was waiting at work for the alarm guy to turn up to service the system. The company had called and said their guy would be about 45 min. I dismissed the staff and was waiting, bored and horny. 30 minutes in to the wait I decided to logon to Squirt to see if there were any guys out there as horny and needy as me.

I hooked up with this rugby fan and was planning our meet when the door bell rang. I had to readjust my self, knock down the image, and answer the guy. It was James, the engineer of my dreams – 5’7” dark hair chopped, sideburns and a goatee. (I do like the feel of facial hair on my dick.) I had wanked off about him several times; he remembered my name and we shook hands. He went to the control panel and started to fix it.

I watched as his body moved up and down. As he bent over I remembered the dream I had about him with me fucking his tight arse. Ohh…

Instead of my dick getting softer it was showing more. I asked him if he minded me going to the office and he said no. I finished my conversation with ruggerguy and agreed to meet him in Finsbury Park.

I was shutting down when James knocked the door and walked in. My dick had tented my trousers. Did he see? He said he needed to change one of the PIRs and had to go to the van. Off he went. I watched him all the way. His arse was so cute, tight, and firm. A real bubble but.

He returned with a PIR and a ladder and asked if I’d foot it for him so he could get on with the job as both of us had better things to do. I said yes!

His arse now hovered 10 cm above me. The sweet smell of man had my mind racing. All those dreamt of situations came flooding back! How do I get his cock? He asked me to pass him a screw driver. I thought ‘now’, and chickened out…

But as I lifted it up he turned to receive it and my hand stroked his groin. I was wetting my self with precum. I wanted him.

I asked cornilly, “Do you need a screw?” He looked and said, ”I thought you’d never ask.”

He turned on the ladder, dropped the driver, and stepped down. This set the “alarm bells ringing”. His crotch was in line with my mouth and he rubbed it in my face. I reached up undid his tool belt and his trousers and was faced with a nice olive snake in a forest of black pubes.

Oh the smell! The sight! The taste! I was in heaven!

We moved away from the ladder, laid on the floor and 69’d. His tongue was hot. His mouth was practiced. He sucked like a pro. As I face-fucked him he moaned with pleasure. I was in awe.

Wanting more of him down my throat, I pulled him on top of me and felt his dick slip down my throat. He fucked me hard and fast, those pubes making contact with my chin full on pleasure.

I told him I was ready to cum and he pulled off and rested his face on my valley floor. His goatee stroked my dick as he pumped my cum.

As I let go of my load he shot deep inside my mouth. I swallowed all his delicious cream down. He got up, kissed me on the head, and said, “I need to go now.”

He got himself back up and took the ladder and said, “It’s all working now!”

I lay there dreaming a while, then cleaned up and caught the 341 to Finsbury Park to meet Ruggerguy.

Courtesy of StickyPen. 

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