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So, it was new years and i was incredibly bored. laying on my couch, watching TV. another night. just then i felt my phone vibrate, it was my friend Jon we used to be the best of friends, growing up together and whatnot. One summer, our repressed, lusty desires manifested into several passionate adventures together. He was the only guy i’d ever been with, his body so tight and smooth, i feel my penis start to harden even now, years later when i think about the summer after senior year. Now, I’m in my junior year of college, and bored out of my mind. He wanted to know if a wanted to come over, and instantly the memories flooded back to me…. the drive to his house was intense. my heart pounded. what if he didnt want to do it anymore? how awkward would that be?? i put my fears aside and gathered my courage to go inside. “fuck”, i thought. his mom and little brother were there and werent leaving till midnight. that meant 3 hours of waiting in anticipation for an encounter that might not even happen. The minutes seemed like hours as i waited for them to leave. As midnight neared, they started gathering their things to leave. my heart sped up…. here it comes…

After they left, i waited for him to go to the bathroom to walk into his bedroom, strategically remove my shoes and sit on his bed, i figured it he came to sit with me, it meant he was wanting it….

He returned from the bathroom in a pair of sweatpants… no socks… oh god he knew about my foot fetish… he sat down beside me and we made idle chit chat…

i made the first move “so, your moms gone…” i hinted, reaching over and putting my hand on his soft thigh…. “yeah, i guess she is” he responded, spreading his legs.. i leaned in a kissed him on the lios and i felt his cock harden. i wanted to tease him but i was only teasing myself! he removed his sweatpants and i tore off my jeans and shirt. My dick was harder than ever… he laid down on his back and i softly stroked his cock as i lay beside him… he closed his eyes and moaned, i leaned forward and slowly stuck his thick, hard cock into my mouth. mmm it tasted so good… i kept slurping it down my throat until i had the whole thing in my mouth… i took it like a champ, running my hands up and down his tight abs while he shuddered with pleasure… “oh yeah he moaned…. i went faster and faster, i wanted him to blow his load down my throat…. i felt the first taste of precum. dribble slowly out of his rock hard cock… he started to tense up his muscles, he slid his feet up the back of my legs, which stirred an animal like craving inside me. I somehow managed to let go of his scrumptious cock and take one foot in my hands, so smooth and soft, i began to suck his long, slender toes, “OH YEAH THAT FEELS AMAZING!!!” he groaned softly… the salty taste of his feet and the feeling of his other foot stroking my cock was almost too much!!!

I didnt want to come just yet, we had many more exciting things to do… i climbed up to his dick, slobbed it one good time for lubrication, straddled him and slid his big dick between my cheeks. i hadnt had any in a while, and i thought his girth would tear me in half!!! “OH AHHH AAHH” i moaned sharply as he entered me. i leaned back and felt his length slide up into me, the feeling of his big dick tickling my prostate was amazing, “OH JONN OH YEAH i moaned… his wood going in and out rapidly, it was so rough and sexy!!! he smacked my ass and gripped hard, and went even faster. wow was he turning me out now!!! after several intense minutes of fucking my tight ass he started to tense again. “now let me” i instructed, as i pulled him out of me and stuck his cock deep down my throat… “oh my god… oh im coming ohhh!!!” he moaned loudly as he shot his load deep into my throat. it tasted great, but mid cumshot i decided to live out and old fantasy and let his load shoot all over my face!!! it was warm and sticky and dripping down onto my chest….

I lay there panting after our lusty session for a minute or so, then went to wash the cum from my face and chest… when i returned, he was bending over his bed with a jar of Vaseline beside him. i took the hint 🙂 and went about lubing up my waiting cock. i stuck the tip in first and he bucked backwards, wanting it all. i didnt wait for further instruction, ans i proceeded to fuck him long and hard, only stopping to suck his sexy feet and change into a missionary position he stroked his cock while i fucked him in his tight ass. soon, i too began to tense up and approached climax… i upped the tempo of my thrusts and soon spat my load deep inside his punished ass.

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