TRAILER || DRUNK on CUM 6 – Hard Training

Paul Morris continues his quest to document the spooge-filled fantasies and realities of men who live to suck cock in DRUNK ON CUM 6, presented by Treasure Island Media.

DRUNK ON CUM 6 is the latest in my on-going, never-ending quest to document their fantasies, realities, and ambitions: from worshipful one-on-ones to orgiastic groups, from a training session for the voracious cocksucker who wants to get to the next level, to the late bloomer whose girlfriend drove him 800 miles for his scene, to the virtuoso who takes every opportunity to show off his considerable talents—and everything and everyone in between. – Paul Morris

  1. I know this is years after the fact, but can anyone please tell me what movie the opening credits scenes are from? It’s Fyerfli and Truckee taking loads in a group suck off, or bukkake. I’ve searched around trying to find these scenes in other TIM movies with no luck. Please help!!!

  2. Yes its very very boring!! After months hey promised releasing date before the end of 2012 and still there is nothing.Why???

  3. Not even here by New Year’s eve, despite Joey’s promise. Don’t appreciate being jacked around by TIM. I know you’re just a porn company, but show some respect and responsibility. All we’ve got is an endless blast of sales promos. I’m going to begin looking elsewhere for my porn.

  4. On 12-24-2012 you wrote here releasing date is 12-26-2012.
    Now it shows coming soon. So we have to wait again more weeks?

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