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Hey, everyone.

Hope you all had a wonderful week and got up to a lot of naughty stuff, as I did (of course, lol).

This week I want to write about something a bit different (for a porn site, at least), and that’s gay adoption. I’ve recently started to feel a big desire to become a dad. It’s something that has always been in the back of my head, but lately it has been growing stronger and stronger. I was a foster kid myself and later adopted by my foster mother; I would so love to be able to help out an unfortunate kid in this big world, just as I was helped out a lot myself when I needed it the most.

For me, personally, there are many possible hindrances to either adoption or fostering:

1. Being gay might be an issue in regards to adoption from some countries.</li>

2. Being a porn actor, even though I have other jobs too. (Female porn actors often get to have children later in life, though they make them themselves–lucky bitches, hehe.)

3. Being poz, even though I’m healthy and stable, might also be a problem.

But hey, as they say, if worth having, it’s worth fighting for. And I’m born a fighter (not to mention stubborn, lol).

I’m very keen to hear what you guys think of this issue, though. It’s very early stages in the process and I’m trying to find out as much as possible, so please share your thoughts and experiences with me.

I also read online that there are lots of HIV poz children in Eastern Europe and elsewhere without homes, and families that are too scared or uneducated or too poor to take care of them. It just breaks my heart.

Anyhow sorry for not providing more “horny” reads this week, but it’s an issue that is very close to me at the moment and I want to learn more and see how I can help others more.

Oh, and I just moved into my new flat. Dino decorated it so nicely! He should so totally be an interior decorator.


Big hugs from a snow cold London,



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  1. my sister is gay and is officially adopting two children this month. So proud of her. Go for it!

  2. Hey Anton. I like this post. You dont have to post “horny” thing every week, I love this reads, it’s nice. We are human, sex is not everything, even you are a porn star we know you need something good else for your life. I support you for this. Do it and see what happen later, a good aim will get so many helps.
    Be a good Daddy ok? 🙂

    1. Ah thanks Yandi,
      U are very kind, and yeah life is more than just a cock and a bum,
      I saw a Swedish film called “Patrick 1.5” truly greatness
      Will be doing my best for sure, and I’m very loving.
      Hugs anton

      1. Thanks Anton, you are more kind. I amaze you in porn and real life, you give your time for your fans even you’re so busy. I really appreciate it. I’m sure there are so many good things you did to help other people but you don’t share.
        I don’t watch the “Patrick 1.5” yet, what is the story about? I would like to watch it soon. Thanks Anton for sharing.

        Success for your career and life
        Hugs Yandi

        1. Ah thank you kind, well I try to answer as many of the messages and stuff I get, I like to help others and share in their life’s if I can,
          It’s a great little Swedish film about a gay couple wanting to foster a child, they think he is 1.5 years old but it turns out he’s a 15 year old hooligan teenager boy, drama, but it all turns out wonderful in the end,
          Hugs a

  3. I do not want to discourage you in any way, as you are thinking about this from the noblest point of view. Irrespective of any obstacles presented by adoption agencies in your specific part of the world, you also would have to reorient yourself to place your child (or children) at the very center of your life. His/her/their needs would have to prevail over your own, and your every decision would have an impact upon his/her/their welfare. This is hard for any man to do, much less one with your particular set of circumstances. Having a partner helps, as this way there are two to share the load. (No, not that kind of load…) A stable home environment would be crucial, too. It can be done…I have a gay cousin who, with his partner, raised two boys (one adopted, the other from the same birth mother using a sperm cocktail from them both). But he’s not a porn star (at least, not outside his monogamous bedroom…)

    I’d miss you in porn, in case you felt you’d have to stop doing it, but would applaud your decision.

    1. Ah thank u,
      Yeah indeed it would indeed be a life changing decision, and u are very right about that all decision would be made with the child in focus, and indeed I think I have been in te spotlight far long enough anyhow, I live caring for others and it would be a huge challenge and rewarding long term experience to raise a child I think,

      Good on your friends, send them my love, hugs a

  4. Good for you Anton, I don’t talk about it much on these sites but I am an adoptive father. My son and daughter were both from foster care, though I’ve had them since infants. My daughter is turning 18 in two weeks! I say go for it. They make my life matter. I wouldn’t bring up the porn thing at all, but the rest is probably doable. E-mail me privately if you want to talk further about it.

  5. I think you have a lot to offer a kid. I say go for it. Look into becoming a foster parent first, and move on from there. Any kid would be lucky to have a dad like you. I wish you the best of luck

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