CUMSLOPPY STORY || Open-Door Party. Part 2

I put the blindfold back on, and closed my eyes, getting lost in my thoughts, high on poppers and the rhythmic beats of the dance music. Shortly later I heard the door open again, and once more heard footsteps on the stairs. Sniffing the little brown bottle, (my best friend), I got on all fours and spread my legs and got ready to receive the next deposit. Turns out this was another pair of guys, and as one got undressed, one fingered my cummy hole, remarking to his buddy about the juice I’d poured over my hole earlier. He also remarked something about my being a tight whore. I smirked with pleasure. Once naked, one of guys stuffed his cock into me. It slid in deep, no fuss. He groaned real heavy as my hole swallowed his cock right up to his balls. He leaned over me, until I could hear him breathing in my ear, and smell his breath. It stunk! Dunno who he was, but this guy needed a shower and some mouth wash. My cock swelled even harder as I considered I was being fucked by some filthy man.

CSS Open Door Party 2

He pounded my hole for what felt like an eternity. The lube had long dried up, and I was running purely on now thickening spunk that had been deposited earlier in my hole. Fortunately, he pulled out, hocked up the biggest glob of spit, lubed my hole, and rammed his knob back into me. Fucking me a few more minutes, he groaned loudly and unloaded into me. He gently pulled out, and he slapped my bum cheeks before kneeling over me, one leg either side, facing towards my hole. I was effectively pinned down now. He pulled my arse cheeks open, and I felt a finger enter me. It must have been the other guy, as the first guy was holding my cheeks spread.

CSS Open Door Party 2

The finger soon became 2, became 3, 4, then 5… It felt like heaven! He got his fist into me, and fisted me a little, before pulling it out… I was totally his… I snorted the deepest, longest, most intense hit ever and he slammed his cock into me… must have been about 8.5inches. I think he was cut, but I can’t say for sure. In any event, as the first guy held me down, and my arse open, the 2nd guy drove his tool into me deeper and deeper, harder and harder. I was screaming in pleasure. He’d pull his cock right out, and then drive it back into me, and repeat it over and over. After what felt like 10 minutes of this action, he pulled out, and I felt load after load of hot sticky spunk shoot all over my hole and crack. I felt it dribble down to my hole, where he and his mate were working their fingers into me, repacking the masses of man fuck juice into me. They stood up, wiped their fingers on my back, dressed and left.

CSS Open Door Party 2

I waited a while before taking my blind fold off… it was 9:45, so I knelt up, put a bowl under my hole, and let the mess dribble out of my hole. I then poured a little over my cock and used it as lube, before pouring the remainder into my mouth. I dribbled some of it back out into the bowl, before pouring it once again into my mouth… it tasted filthy, that smell of old sticky spunk…. Lovely! I swallowed the whole lot, then stuck some fingers up my now sore hole, and rode my hand, whilst jacking furiously. It wasn’t long before I felt my balls tense, and a huge, thick, hot steamy load fired from my cock-head. The convulsions were so strong my sperm landed on the wall at the head of the bed. No lie, it covered a good 2 meters of lateral travel and gained about 1.5 meters of height. It was intense!

I collapsed, sweating, shaking, my hole still dribbling bits of juices, my cock getting slowly soft, my balls covered in spunk and feeling totally, and utterly like a used bareback cumdump whore. Can’t wait to repeat it!

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