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Hey, guys.

I’m writing from a very cold and snowy London; looks like winter has properly arrived here.

And it seems that it’s not only the weather causing tough times over here—unemployment and poverty seem to be spreading rapidly. I met this sweet and very horny young guy the other day (well, I fucked him in our empty basement, hehe. Pushed him up against the concrete wall, bent over, and fucked him good after he sucked me off on his knees). He was telling me how he been trying to get a job for months and there just isn’t anything out there. He was struggling to pay his rent, and the income support for job seekers is so little in this country it’s impossible to live on.

I gave him some money and asked him if he wanted to do porn (sounds cynical, maybe, but that’s how I made money when I was a poor student too, and I never complaned, hehe), or if he had thought of escorting. He said he was desperate for money and would do anything to avoid ending up on the streets. I said I’d speak to another guy I know who used to rent guys for sex and introduce him.

I did, and now I can add another title to my long job list: pimp. Anton the Pimp, lol. Anyhow, I hope he will be alright. He’s a sweet guy, very sexy, and really short. My cock looked amazing in his bum; I should have filmed it but I got too horny, lol.

 Apart from that, this week I had a few horny guys over to my office toilets, where I served their cocks, big and small. I think I tasted three loads, if I remember correctly. It all blurs into one, after all—and that’s the way I like it, hehe, cocks and cum in an endless supply.

Gotta love living in a big city! But I’m also so relieved I have Dino in my life too, otherwise it would be meaningless.

We’ve been moving so many things this week. There’s still loads to do but it’s getting there. Best move ever, though: three doors down the road, just pushing things back and forth on an IKEA low trolley. Move a bit, rest a bit while watching telly, move some more, rest a bit, etc. Ideal.

Till next week, sexy fuckers out there. And if you can’t find work, don’t give up, guys. Trying thinking creatively and find other ways to make money, make a book online or something. I’m sure you are far more creative than I am and can think of a million things to do.

PS Check out my latest creation, RED SHOES by Mollyhau. Enjoy!


Hugs – Anton


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  1. Hey Anton, you’re definitely the man. you wear many hats. Luv TIM. TIM Men rule. You are one sexy fucker. You ever get to the states, you can pimp me out anytime

    1. We all service people for money somehow, so we shan’t judge one another for it, hugs a

    1. Ah thank you, I try to live my life to te fullest, both sexually and emotionally and humourisly hehe
      It’s always important to be able to laug, even at our darkest hours, hugs. A

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