CUMSLOPPY STORY || The Resolution

The New Year has always been a time to challenge ones self. To make resolutions and promises of new experiences. That’s what I kept telling myself as I approached the movie theater and purchased my ticket. One of my resolutions was to attend a movie by myself. People did it all the time, so why couldn’t I? Just because I was here alone did not mean I was a total loser. Thankfully it was a matinee to a movie that had been out for weeks, so there wouldn’t be many people there to witness my awkward loneliness.

I took a seat in the back row just as the first preview came on the screen. Nervously I looked around. There was no one in the theater except for a couple of older people towards the front. I sat back and relaxed, this was not so bad, and I really did want to see the movie so I might as well make the best of it, I thought.

I was twenty minutes into the movie when a complete stranger came and sat a seat away from me. He stared at me until I was forced to look at him. I wasn’t sure why he was staring. I didn’t recognize him at all, although he was very attractive. I smiled and he smiled back without saying anything so I turned my attention back to the movie. Out of the corner of my eye I could see he was messing around with something. Curiosity got the best of me and I turned to look, not at all prepared for what I saw.


There he sat, fat cock in hand, stroking away as if no one was around. I was very uncomfortable but at the same time couldn’t look away. He had a very nice cock, with every stroke it seemed to get bigger and harder until it reached an impressive size. I didn’t realize I was staring until he turned to look at me with an inviting grin. He laid his head back and continued stroking himself, leaning back against the seat to give me a better view.

I tried to resist. I no longer had any interest in the movie. I knew I wouldn’t be able to get back into it until I did something. The thought of sucking his cock in public was so dangerous, so forbidden, it was really getting me hard. Before I knew it my cock took control of my brain and I got up and took the seat next to him. I lowered my head to his and took him in my mouth. His head was sticky with salty pre cum, something I had not tasted in quite a while. Sticking my tongue in his slit I cleaned him free of any remains of cum before I worked my way down his long thick shaft.


It had been so long since I had somebody I had forgotten how good it was to have a mouthful of cock. Eagerly I took all of him. It took some effort but I was able to take him to the root. I unbuttoned his jeans and he pulled them down, allowing me to get a better grasp on his cock. He wasn’t wearing any underwear and his balls, so heavy with cum, lay on the theater chair. Easing off his cock I took his hairy sac in my mouth. I wanted to suck on him until he was drained of every drop.

As I sucked on his sac he took his hard cock in his hand and slapped my face with it smearing my cheek with his pre cum. I let go of his sac and he pushed my head against his throbbing erection. I didn’t get much of a chance to adjust myself as he pounded my mouth with his hardness. Faster and harder he thrust into me. His hands held my head down I had nowhere to move. His grasp on me tightened as he tried to control his moans. I knew what was coming so I opened wide.


With one deep thrust he poured into me. Releasing stream after stream of sticky cum down my throat. The hot liquid filled my mouth and eagerly I took every drop. He softened in my mouth but I continued milking him for more, not letting go of him until I cleaned his cock free of any trace of cum.

It was by far the craziest thing I’d ever done in my life. As he got himself together and got up to leave I realized this was someone I knew nothing about and would never see again. I guess this year was starting off with a lot of new experiences. Hopefully the next movie I went to I’d be on the receiving end too.

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  1. My sex new year resolution is to find the biggest dick to be inside of me. I always want to do BB as well but I am somewhat paroniod about HIV and STD; it’s simply to find someone that I can trust that is clean.

  2. Hell my resolution for new years is to suck more dick, get fucked more, and to take as many hot loads as possible. Hey I had to make my resolution something I could live with LOL.

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