Hard Training – Lesson 3: Oh Where, Oh Where Should That Big Load Go?

Greetings Cocksucker Students,

Welcome to the third of five lessons designed to advance and fine-tune your mouth’s dick pleasing ability. (Click here to read lesson two) In these lessons we will teach you the skills needed to have guys lining up to shove their dicks down your well-trained throat.

Like many things in life, there are stages in the life of a true cocksucker. These lessons are designed for men at all stages. Whether you’re a junior cocksucker, still learning about teeth, breathing, and how to use your tongue or an advanced aficionado, getting serious about gag reflex, opening your throat, and being happy sucking whatever’s put in front of your face, you’ll find these lessons powerful in your studies.

No matter what stage you’re at, there’s always time for some good old basic training.

At the end of each lesson, please leave any questions you might have in the comments section below.

For now, I invite you to sit back, relax and enjoy the teachings of this timeless skill.

Your blow job master – Anthony

Today’s Lesson: Oh Where, Oh Where Should That Big Load Go?

The Blowing of the Load – Spitting it out means “like” and that it’s probably your first or second time sucking dick. Swallowing means “love” and that you’ve had your fair share and know what’s going down. And gargling with cum makes you look like a cumhungry slut that has been around the block a few times.

Hard Training 3

To Swallow or Not? – The answer to this question is based solely on personal preference. Some guys love to swallow and others don’t. Some men love for their partner to swallow their cum while others would prefer to see it spray all over the place – mostly on their partner. Most men tend to get off on their partner swallowing their cum. You’ll want to be careful with this one so that you can do it in a manner that doesn’t make you gag. Personally I think spitting is for beginners or bitches. You look like a fool running around naked trying to figure out where to spit it out. If it’s the taste that scares you, by spitting, you are going to coat your entire mouth and get a much better sense of what the load tastes like.

The Big Finale – When you’re ready to finish him off, go into the power move and don’t vary your pace for anything. If you’re cupping his balls, you’ll often be able to tell when he’s about to cum as they tighten up. I speed up a little bit at the end, and when I feel him start to come I push my head down as deep as it will go and suck slowly and intensely at the base, letting his cum just shoot down my throat.

Hard Training 3

Savor The Flavor – Taste is an issue when it comes to swallowing, some love and some dislike the taste of cum. There appears to be some information that indicates that the taste of cum can be influenced by his diet. If you are in a relationship you guys can experiment with omitting various foods from your diet to see if they make a difference to the taste of the semen. There are several foods that are reputed to sweeten the taste of cum; they include parsley, papaya, pineapple juice, and bananas. Red meat has the reputation of making the semen taste more acidic. Last but not least are coffee and alcohol, both of which are reputed to cause a bitter taste in the semen.

Hard Training 3

The Happy Ending – One thing to remember is that once your partner has cum and you’ve either swallowed or not, don’t let go of his cock and think you’re done, keep sucking lightly on the tip of it as it’s usually really sensitive after cumming. You can watch him squirm and moan quite nicely.

Be sure to check back next week to find out some “Do’s and Dont’s.”

  1. Loving this series, and would love to take the class when you film it. When getting sucked, I like to blow on a guys face so I can lick his face clean. When sucking, I want a guy to blow in my mouth, then keep savoring while he goes soft. Sometimes this ends with a highly appreciated piss.

  2. Hey Anthony, I’ve read and enjoyed all three parts of the Hard Training series….Great job. For me I definitely like to savor the flavor. I do love swallowing, and I haven’t tasted a bad load yet. I’ve even had a few facials and the top takes and rubs his dick in the cum on my face, and then I lick it off his cock. Yum. I guess that makes me a cumslut….hehehe

    1. Amen Mark. I llove swallowing. In reference to :sweet loads:, some of the sweetest have been from smokers. Have any other men experienced that?

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