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Hey, folks.

This week’s post has some random thoughts on talented director Liam Cole’s latest film, OVERLOAD, which is truly awesome!

I’m in Scene 6 with awesome muscle bottom lad SCOTT WILLIAMS. You’ve probably seen him in some of Liam’s other films but this time he’s not blindfolded. I remember he was a bit nervous to start (I think it was his first scene) but ,after tasting some of my juicy cock, he quickly forgot about his nerves and became the greedy, cock-hungry bottom I wanted at the end of my penis, hehe. Nice!


On another note , as I’m sure you’ve noticed, Dino’s scene with Harley seems to have caused a bit of a stir in the States. Liam shared some personal thoughts with me the other day and has given me permission to quote him here:


  • “Dean Monroe’s scene includes something T.I.M. doesn’t usually show: the times when people tease a bit and they want to bareback, but they resist it. This is a major thing with negative guys. There are SO many thoughts and feelings about whether to touch a bit, or put it in half way, or put it in but not cum, etc., etc., etc. These little choices become HUGE.
  • “Think about it—people online have been discussing in detail whether or not the tip of Harley’s cock went into Dean’s ass. An inch outside means he’s a good guy, an inch inside means he’s ‘human scum.’ This is how traumatized gay men are about sex.
  • “I kept that clip in the trailer because I knew it would be exciting to see a safe-sex advocate like Dean Monroe have a ‘nearly’ moment. What happened on his shoot is part of a much bigger issue for gay men.”

I think this sums up that scene perfectly, very thought-provoking indeed. But at the end of the day it’s just one scene in another really horny Liam Cole DVD to put in my bookshelves! (Oh, that reminds me–when am I getting my copy, Ashton? Hehe.)


One final thought: don’t judge people who bareback too hard. We are all humans and have a right to do different things. And don’t hate us ’cause some of us are poz; that kind of hatred is ignorant and just silly. We’ve been called “scum” over the past few weeks and I’m really saddened by gay men showing such abusive behaviors towards one another. I thought we gays had evolved more than that, but it seems we are no better than the straights who witch-hunted gays back in the day. Sad, sad, sad.

Just because the condom-wearing porn companies have created this stigma on barebackers, porn actors that bareback (whether negative or positive), and actors working with bareback studios, that doesn’t mean it’s right to judge. And it doesn’t make it right for anyone to assume they have all the facts. Porn is porn–it caters to different interests and desires, so get over it and deal with it!

Let’s show less hate and more love for one another instead, alright lads? What do you think?

That was my little rant, lol. Hope it didn’t bored you too much, hehe. 

Anyhow, I hope you will all have a jolly old time watching it. I certainly will!

Hugs, everyone.

Yours truly,

Anton Dickson 

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  1. Hey Anton,

    My take on the word S.C.U.M….Shoot Cum Up My ass. from a true BB bottom pig…I can’t wait for my copy of Overload to arrive. I love getting Barebacked while watching TIM Porn. Fuckin HOT. You take care and happy load swapping you sexy fucker.

  2. I don’t understand why ” Say What? ” bothers to come on a site like this, if he feels so strongly against BB. After all, TIM is famous for bareback porn. Perhaps he gets some kind of a kick out of being so unpleasant and insulting. Never mind, Anton, just keep on making more great horny fucking films. Best wishes.

    1. Thank u Daniel, yeah I think you are right, some people develop a kind of hatred for things they actually like, like repressed hidden desires maybe, who knows, anyhow, thank u, hugs anton

  3. If Anton is a scum, Im the one too. I was sad to be poz, because it is not really i ever wanted to have since 21, but ok i trusted jerk. Beying “in your eyes” scum can save somebody like me…..doesnt realy matter who are you if you are judged by people who you loved as a scum. If you really think that this only poor little word can express somebody there is word for you – (S)CUNT. Im happy that i met Anton. Not because he is pornstar but he is amazing, truthtelling and he showed me what I needed – myself, who tried to be perfect for others but really was hurted by every coming second. If the scum means great guy – Anton is biggest scum I have ever met and i am so fucking happy i can be scum too, cause I donť need judge others by the words and I can be better just because i prefer cleaning my own dirts. Be clever before you write, cause you can make us even more perfect just with one word you write 😀 M.

    1. Ah thank you Martin, it was so good to meet you as well, u are such a sweet and caring scum hehe, we can be the greatest scums ever,
      It’s silly some can only hate and not love, those ones we forget,
      and listen only to the good voices around us that helps and Suports us,
      Hugs sexy

  4. Thanks Anton, most of us enjoy your work and your frankness in these posts. A little reminder for the idiot called “Say What?”. You dad barebacked your mother. That was another good bb gay blog post.

    1. Lol if that’s the case I LOVE being what u call scum, totally happy with myself mate, more than u can probably say about yourself, so go somewhere civilised where u can grow up hehe

      1. You’re totally happy with yourself knowing that you spread disease? Knowing that you stand for a culture of disease?

        1. Lol I don’t represent a culture, I’m an individual person, these are my thoughts & experiences, I happen to have my needs and I share them with others that have the same needs & desires, if you don’t agree with these views , please just move on, go somewhere else where your needs can be satisfied, i can’t for my life understand why you are wasting your precious little time on things that you clearly see no interest in? Or am I missing something here?
          I guess trying to have a civilised argument with you when the only things that seems to come out of your mouth is insult after insult, is doomed to fail. So I leave you be and I hope you đo the same, although I doubt this very much hehe
          Ignorance all around…
          Hugs anton

          1. You knowingly spread disease, yet claim to be saddened when called “scum.” I’m not insulting you. I’m only expressing what is my thought and fulfilling what is my need and desire to state the apparent truth.

            1. U don’t have more than one word in your vocabulary? Hehe I’m not sad at all, I’m a happy barebacker lol, fucking between two (or more) consenting adults is none but the people involved’s own business

                1. when u say “depraved” looks like an old lady on lates 70-80s when she’s looking at a straight couple kissing on the street… lol.
                  i guess u’r into all of it and desiring Anton cum in u… same as me jejejejeje

  5. Hi, Anton. Thanks for your comments. I have watched bareback porn for quite some time and found it a real “turn-on”. It got to the point where I wouldn’t watch porn unless it was bareback. During all this time I was very careful not to engage in it myself. However, eventually, I found my “safe” sexual activities very boring. I also realized I was being very hypocritical. A few months ago I threw away my condoms, so to speak, and have been very enthusiastically engaged in BB ever since. It has been great ! Keep up the good work yourself. It is always a great pleasure to watch you in action ! Best wishes.

    1. I feel the same way! I can only watch bb porn! As soon as I see a condom all I can think is ‘next!’ I feel that the bareback community is stigmatized way too much and yet it is all of the ‘safe sex’ advocating porn stars who are dying or committing suicide. The bb porn stars, whether poz or not seem to be healthy and doing just fine!

  6. I thought gays had evolved from barebacking each other. It’s sad to see gays spreading STD’s so openly and it’s awfully worrying. No idea how you’re able to bareback numerous men at saunas. I guess that’s how you infected yourself.

  7. don’t want to be too friendly with the intolerant lot: want my prefered community to stay a bit small and elitist (pride myself at introducing Peto to bb sex, at the Wasdag, local sex and danceparties, we had here in Delft NL a decade ago. (he was a great DJ there as well !) Was thrown out of the local ‘gay’ communitycenter recently for promoting an unhealthy lifestyle

    1. Ad, you, too, are an icon. Thanks for the great stuff you publish on your website and introducing Peto to bb sex. Such an athlete!

  8. Well said Anton I am a big TIM fan. And regardless of what type of sex you choose to have, it’s your right. and that’s between the people involved. No one forces anyone to bareback. It’s a choice. And one that I practice. That’s the reason that I visit this website. And Anton, you can fuck me bareback anytime. And remember….”don’t be hatin”

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