CUMSLOPPY STORY || He Knew What He Was Doing

When I was 19 I had my first internet hook up on manhunt. I had fucked around with a guy before, but there was something about an anonymous encounter that attracted me.

So there I was on manhunt, getting responses to my profile. (I was slim but defined — muscly twink, 5’10”, 7 inch dick.) There were a couple guys messaging me, but only one that I found hot. He said he was 34 and made it clear he wanted to fuck me. That was just what I wanted, so I hopped onto the mbta and went to his place.

The guy was older than he said — closer to 50, I would guess. That should have been a warning for me, but it was my first time hooking up. Anyway we sat on his couch and we talked for a bit. He asked me if I’d had sex before, and I said yes, but only with one other guy. For some reason I mentioned that we had both been virgins. I guess Mr Hookup was asking to gauge whether it was safe (for him) to breed me.

Anyway, we were sitting on his couch doing a little chit chat. Soon he had his hand under my shirt and was pinching my nipples. There’s a thing about older guys that I love: they know what they’re doing. Soon I was moaning my encouragement and letting him do whatever he wanted with my body.

Five minutes later, we were naked on his bed. He started humping his cock into mine as he sucked and bit my neck. It hurt, but hurt so good. (Later I’d find a few huge hickeys there that were a bit hard to explain.)

CUMSLOPPY STORY || He Knew What He Was Doing

Then he turned me over. I guess he was hungry for my ass. He started rimming me, and it was the first time someone had done it to me. Needless to say, I started moaning loudly and pushing back into his face like the little slut I was. He got up and started running his cock up and down my asscrack, lingering at my hole — which sent warning bells ringing in my head.

So, I actually didn’t want to get fucked bareback. Or maybe I did, but it was too dangerous and I was unwilling to do it. So I asked the guy to put on a condom.

The first time I asked he pretended not to hear me and kept pushing his dick into my hole. But I became uncooperative and asked again, and, with a grumble, he reached into his bedside drawer and took out a condom. After he wrapped himself up he pushed himself into me — hard. That fucking hurt. I guess he was punishing me for refusing to let him fuck me bareback. He went in and out while I whimpered and told him to take it easy, and he did go slower for a minute. But then he got the pace going again and then, after a few deep thrusts, came in my ass. In the condom.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || He Knew What He Was DoingHe went to the bathroom and came back. Apparently he wanted to go to sleep and it was pretty late. It was the first time I was sleeping with a stranger, so I wasn’t used to it, but also — I was incredibly horny. Getting fucked had made me suddenly even hungrier for cock. But the guy had fallen asleep already. I figured I should follow suit.

I woke up before he did — it was a gray sort of morning, with 6 am light, and I was still horny as fuck. It was driving me out of my mind. So I pulled aside the sheets are started to give him a blowjob. He hadn’t washed or showered after fucking me, so his dick tasted and smelled like his cum. He was asleep at first, but he woke up soon after — both him and his cock, which was now hard as steel. I licked his head, deep throated his shaft, tongued his balls.

He pulled me up to him started kissing me, and I went with that kiss, I was so horny. He turned me on my side facing away from him and kept kissing me, and also started rubbing his cock along my asscrack. I moaned because my defenses were lowering and I wanted his cock in me, but I was still reluctant. So I asked for a condom. He pretended not to hear. That was when I realized that I was in a fairly immobile position — I was lying at his right, and my left arm was trapped under his head. His right arm was hooked over my right arm and his fingers were laced in my hair, so I couldn’t turn or move or push him away. I felt his hard dick at my hole, coaxing me to let him in. And it felt so good. I relaxed my sphincter so that my asshole was kissing the tip of his cock, and he slid in, his raw cock skin-on-skin in my ass.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || He Knew What He Was DoingIt felt so good. He had loosened me earlier, so it didn’t hurt. There still was pain — the fullness/pain of a man’s cock moving in my ass and using it as his fuckhole. I couldn’t touch my cock. But I was hard the whole time and moaning. Moaning when he wasn’t fucking my mouth with his tongue the way he was fucking my ass in side-split. Then, five minutes later, I felt something warm and wet in my ass, and I knew he’d come in me. I had been bred.

After that I kind of freaked out. For weeks afterward I’d panic every time I sneezed,or coughed. I told myself I shouldn’t have done that. And I’ve never had bareback sex on a hook-up since. But that was one of the hottest fucks I’d had in my life.

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