I knew some of my buddies would be in town for the 3 day weekend, so i invited five of them over on Saturday afternoon. In the end, three of them were able to show. I would have been happy with any one of the five showing up, but to have three fuckers was even better.

So, the guys showed up at the planned time. They all arrived within a few minutes of each other, so there was no waiting. My anticipation level was going off the charts. I’d been thinking about taking their cocks and loads all week long. As soon as the guys were settled in and mad their introductions, I slipped up stairs and stripped down. I lay on the bed and waited for them to come find me waiting for them. They didn’t waste any time. They knew why they were there….

The first guy to come at me was my buddy Kevin. He told me to suck his cock and make him hard. His meaty cock was hanging in front of my face and he grabbed my head as I opened my mouth and took his cockhead. I sucked his cock as he grew harder and harder. Kevin has an amazing cock. One of the thickest I’ve had the pleasure to enjoy. As his cock grew bigger I started gagging on his girth. This really turned the other guys on. They started making out with each other and fondling each other.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Sizing UpKevin became fully erect then flipped me over. He barely lubed his cock up and he had his thick head pushing at my hole. I love the feeling of his 8×6 cock splitting me open. He fucks like he means business… it’s all about his pleasure and using my manhole. After fucking me on my stomach, he told me to ride his cock. I love taking control and using a hard cock to stuff my hole as deep as I can get a cock. Kevin likes me to suck his cock after he’s been inside of me. He loves watching his big cock disappearing down my throat. Well, that makes him crazy to fuck, so he put me on my back, and proceeded to slam me balls deep with his dripping cock. I could see he was getting close so I started begging him for his load. That sent him over the edge and he creamed in my hole.

This really excited Jack. Jack loved watching me take Kevin’s cock. He also knew he would get sloppy seconds. This was a huge turn on for Jack because he didn’t bareback at all. But, he was so turned on to be part of a group; he decided to go for it. I felt Jack slide his cock into my hole. He instantly let out a groan of pleasure. He was feeling my raw hole and Kevin’s hot load all at the same time. My hot hole was like heaven around Jack’s cock. Well, needless to say, Jack didn’t last too long before he was shooting his load and adding it to my wrecked hole.

Now came the finale. Adam. What can I say? I am a size queen. I haven’t had a cock that was too big yet. Adam has the thickest cock I’ve ever had inside of me. While “only” measuring 7 1/2 inches long, Adam’s cock is just over 7 inches around. It is thicker than either my or Adam’s wrist. Holding his cock is like holding a beer bottle.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Sizing Up My hole was nice an lubed up with two loads. Adam didn’t need much effort to get his cock to go into my hole. I was so keyed up and horny for cock, my hole was gaping and sloppy. Adam slid in as deep as he could and started stroking his cock with what was left of my ass muscles. He went in and out, over and over again. After a few minutes, he reached back and grabbed a bottle of poppers. He held them under my nose and I took three deep huffs. My head started floating and my hole became even more hungry for cock.

I started begging for him to breed me. He didn’t believe me, so he shoved the poppers under my nose and told me to huff some more. Well, I’m almost a big a popper pig as I am a size queen. I greedily huffed the poppers until my head was spinning. I begged Adam to fill me with his load. He took a nice long drag on the poppers, and then started pounding my hole mercilessly. He started to grunt, then shot his load deep inside.

I had taken three loads. Three sweet loads and I was hungry for more. Cum is like that… but I’m not telling you guys anything you don’t already know.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Sizing Up Well, the guys had a special surprise for me. Kevin knew how sensitive my cock is after I cum, so he got behind me, put me in a full-Nelson and held me in place. He told Jack to grab the bottle of poppers and feed me hits every minute or so. Then, he told Adam to start stroking my cock. I couldn’t move and really didn’t want to. The poppers were making me horny as hell. I could feel the cum starting to drip out of my hole…

They edged me for a while, then I couldn’t hold back any longer. Adam slowed down the pace of his stroking and with a gentle touch, made me cum… then, he kept milking my cock, slowly, with a soft touch. The stimulation was more than I could handle… but Kevin told him to keep stroking, no matter how much I struggled or begged to stop. It was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had.

I can hardly wait until the next holiday when the guys are around again….

Courtesy of Breedingzone. 

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