02-12-13 TIMJack Exclusive Scene || KEIRAN

KEIRAN. Now on TIMJack.com.

COCK: 10″
HEIGHT: 5’10”EYES: green

HAIR: brown

AGE: 35

TURN ONS: “My Cock!”
Director: Liam Cole 

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  1. Keiran, is one hot cum mess of a man, just love every inch, and the hot dirty talk.

  2. This guy is fucking AMAZING — I hope you’ll feature him lots more. I know he’s got a dick that’s made for fucking – but hope you have him plan to unload into a hungry mouth! WOOOOOOF!!!

  3. i remember when i was 9 years old, when I saw a big cock like that big cock of keiran. Yeah ,thats true,my first sex experience was when I was 9 years old, when i watched a porn video with my dad, He let me watch that stuff with him. He told me that If I want to touch his big dick, like the way as seen on screen. then he told me to do it ups and down. At first iwas shock, coz he has that big cock compare to mine and with a hairy dick. I was blush and surprised. I loved paul Morris Film. Luv you paul!

    1. Only a man, could have such an experience and enjoy telling it years later. Some guys who really love dick do have these life changing experiences. I for one, never told cause I didn’t want to get anyone in trouble. I new in society, it would be considered wrong, but I knew what I wanted, always searched it out and got it, and I told them I would tell, just to get to do it again with them.

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