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Hey, horny fuckers.

This week I’ll write about TIME and the passing of time, and how our lives can change and take such different routes, depending on the small decisions we make.

The other week I met a handsome man, approximately my age (37) and successful in his field. I stayed on a while chatting after he blown a huge load from his cock (which is bigger than mine) down my throat.

It turned out he had also escorted a long time ago when he first came to London, just like I did for a couple of months. We realised we’d coincidentally worked for the same escort agency 14 years ago, a small one here in London run by an older man and his son (love the pervy aspect of that totally hehe…!).

Small differences started to emerge as we dug deeper: where I had declined offers of sleeping with the dad, he had accepted; where I’d only managed to escort for a couple of months (found it too hard to deal with emotionally), he had stayed with it for much longer.


But I think the biggest difference was that where I refused to see a client more than once, he cherished the opportunity to meet regular clients and ultimately got himself a so-called “sugar daddy”, who bought him a nice flat.

So you see, folks, I could have had a flat in London too, if I hadn’t been so stubborn back in the days, lol. No kidding, hehe. I’m not bitter at all, just think it’s interesting to see how our life choices can change things a lot. I probably wouldn’t have become who I am today (or even been alive for that matter) if I taken a different path.

Also at the time of all this, I heard horror stories of escorts travelling to meet clients abroad and just disappearing, never to be seen or heard from again. Scary.

Anyhow, I find it intriguing that we walk through life on all these individual path, crossing over each others’ paths as we push on.

Another good friend of mine, for example, used to work at a “sit-in brothel”, where the clients came looking through a one-way window to choose the guy they wanted to sleep with, then went upstairs to fuck in one of the bedrooms. I was intrigued so I went once. It was really horny, and I got picked three time that evening; busy night, I tell you. The other escorts were not impressed by me though, lol, as I was taking their clients, *blush*. But my nowadays good friend could actually have been one of those guys, and we never spoke. Such a strange and wonderful world, hehe.

One other thing: you know when you meet new guys and sleep with them, then you sit chit-chatting and realise you both slept with half the same people–is that awkward or fun? I think it’s fun, lol.


Anyhow, that’s all for now. I’m eating cake and crème for breakfast and I didn’t even do my insanity workout yesterday–naughty Anton, bad Anton, hehe.

Have a fab week.

Hugs – Anton

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