CUMSLOPPY STORY || Stretched Me Out. Part 2

Slowly at first, but then with harder and harder thrusts. He was hitting a wall in my guts with his cock head with every poke, and the pain was intense. But I was also really turned on by this hot guy fucking me with an enormous dick! The constant popper feed helped, but only so much. Eventually I had to ask him to stop, because his thrusts were hurting too much. So he said, “Why don’t we try another position? You at the edge of the bed on your back, me standing up. It should open you up a bit better.”

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Stretched Me Out. Part 2

After an incredibly long pullout we re-positioned ourselves. That’s when I looked at his shiny, slick cock and realized there was no condom. “You were in me without a condom??” I almost yelled at him. “I told you to wear one!” “I did have one on, and you saw how well that worked. Don’t worry man, it’s all good.” “Well, put another one on. Maybe it’ll work better this time now that you’ve already loosened me up some.” “What would be the point now?” he asked. “I’ve already cum in you once.”

I was completely floored. “You… came… in me? When?” “Right after I got all the way in your ass. Didn’t you feel my cock shooting inside? Wasn’t it fucking hot? C’mon… admit it. You thought it was hot too… feeling my big cock all the way up in your guts… shooting my sperm in you. See? Your cock’s getting hard just thinking about it.” I had to admit I WAS getting hard thinking about it. “And I have another load that’s brewed up and waiting to shoot. I wanna give it to you. Man, your ass is so tight, it grips my cock like a vise! I gotta get back in there! At least let me slide in you again. I’ll pull out this time before I cum… if you want me to.” “You said you’re ok, right? Everything’s good?” I asked.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Stretched Me Out. Part 2

“Yup.” he said… and he knew he’d won my ass over. He gently pushed me onto my back, grabbed my hips, slid me to the edge of the bed, and relubed his cock. He told me to take a good, deep hit of poppers, which I did. The wave crashed over me again, and Chris slid his cock inside me with one thrust. All the way inside me. To the pubes. It was incredible. I saw stars. It hurt so good- pleasure and pain all at the same time. Once again he set up a nice, slow fuck tempo, but soon started to mix it up. Short strokes, then he’s shove in to the hilt. He moved it sideways in my ass. He did long strokes where he’d almost pop out of my ass, then shove it all back in. I couldn’t do enough poppers while he fucked the hell out of my hole. Toward the end, he started pistoning in and out of my hole like a machine. It really hurt each time his cock hit the deepest point, but I didn’t care. I was being fucked raw by a gorgeous, hung stud… better than any porn star I’d ever seen. Better than I could have ever dreamed of being fucked by. “I’m getting close… I’m getting close… where you want it?” he panted. “DON’T STOP FUCKING ME!” I shouted. And he didn’t.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Stretched Me Out. Part 2

This time he was much more demonstrative about cumming. He closed his eyes, bit his lip, and let out a big “Aaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggghhhhhhh”. His mammoth cock was parked all the way in me, and once again I could feel that now familiar pulsing of his member as he emptied his seed into me. We stayed like that for five minutes or so, until his cock went limp enough to pull out of me. Some of his cum came out with it and trickled down the edge of my mattress.

Then he bent down and surprised me by sucking my dick. I came thirty seconds later, filling his mouth with an enormous load that he’d basically fucked out of me. He swallowed it all, kissed me, thanked me for the ass, and was out the door before I could even come to my senses. He promised me he’d call and we’d do it again, but we never did. He got what he wanted. He broke in a big cock virgin and made me take his raw cumloads.

I guess he wasn’t as dumb as I thought he was.

Courtesy of Breedingzone.

  1. FUCK! I love that cock, I want to watch that huge vein throb as he dumps his load inside me.

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