Chronicles of a London CumPig || Wonderful Weekend


Hey, guys.

Hope you all had a great week. Mine was really cool. Well, the weekend was really cool; that’s why I call it a wonder week, hehe, had so much fun.

On Friday evening I went over to a mate’s to watch some DVDs and relax for a bit, which is always nice. Mid way through the guy surprised me by starting to suck me off, hehe. I didn’t object but instead just continued watching the DVD while he serviced my cock till completion. Afterwards, he sat back with a smile and cum in his mouth (nice). 


On Saturday I volunteered for the day. In the morning I got a rental car delivered to the front door and then drove down to the coast, where I spent half the day on an ice rink skating. I had so much fun. I hadn’t skated in over five years but I still remembered pretty well, and could even do simple pirouettes, hehe. There were so many people and kids on the ice, though the ice was really mucked up. Not the same as skating on new ice on the lakes of north Sweden, I have to say, but still loads of fun. 

Driving back to London, singing along to silly soundtracks on my iPhone, I felt life was good, real good.

But it was to get even better, yeah.

Later on Saturday evening, a guy I’d met a few times, (fucked him up against sole bins in a back alley in clapham a few weeks ago hehe) invited me over to a little 8 man orgy he was having. As I had the car I thought why not, so I drove over there, parked at McDonald’s, and went upstairs. 

All the guys there were already naked and some high already, hehe. So I did as the Romans do and, as a good guest, stripped down. The guy who invited me over took me into the showers where I fucked him good and hard for a bit. Then he introduced me to his friends, some of whom were really hot! I soon had my cock sucked on and played with by some of the guys, and I started fucking the guy whose flat it was, such a hottie with a horny bum! I pulled out of him and another eager bottom started sucking my cock straight away, so I fucked him too. His perfect, pink, smooth, little hole was so horny! He loved deep throating my cock and could take it all the way down, hehe. 


We kept playing for a couple of hours. Two other guys arrived, and in the end I couldn’t hold back any longer: watching a horny big-dicked French guy with a hard cock pound one of the horny smooth young lads hard, I shot my load all över his face and mouth and chest, and he eagerly licked it up. I rested a bit and then made my excuses and returned home (as I don’t chem I didn’t really have anything else to do there, hehe).


I passed out in my bed with a happy smile on my face for the wicked weekend.

Sunday morning I woke up still happy with a smile on my face. Checking my phone one, I saw one of my good friends Claude had texted me, wanting to see the photo studio space we’ve been looking to rent. I hadn’t seen him for ages so we spent all afternoon just catching up and being silly and geeking around (you can see some of the videos we filmed on my blog hehe, silly things). It was really good to catch up, and we had so much fun. 

After that I went to the cinema to see Beautiful Creatures which I thought was such a sweet and romantic love story (god knows why it got such bad reviews). I really liked it and the boy in it; he’s sooooo sexy and charming! 

On my way back from the cinema I picked up a carrot cake, yummy. And the day after I spent with a very special man friend of mine—he’s such a horny, sexy guy (big hugs to him).

So all in all, life is good, and my wonder week was really cool, hehe.

Hope you all are having similarly nice ones.

Hugs – Anton

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