CUMSLOPPY STORY || Fulfilling A Boy’s Fantasy

When I have an extended stay in Dallas, I always try to drop by either Midtown, or Club Dallas the night before I leave town, and crash there to get a few hours sleep before leaving town. I know, I know, it’s for play not sleep, but it’s cheap, and yes I do partake.

One particular weekend when I went I had just checked in and had my duffle bag, and the clothes, I would be wearing the next day. I got a room on the floor with the maze on it. I’m sure some of you have been there would agree, that the whole building seems like a big multi-storied maze, but I digress.

As I was walking up the flight of stairs, a boy stepped out of his room, which faced the stairs. I literally ran into him. “Hi,” he says, “my name is Kevin.” I tip my head and say howdy back, as I look him over. “I saw you come in from the roof with my friends. “Oh,” I said. “I wanted to meet you, are you a real cowboy?” I answered as put my duffle bag down to shake his hand. “Well, yes, in fact, I even used to be a bull rider.” The boy, who was a bit smaller than I, had soft hands, and except for a light treasure trail, no body hair that I can see. He smelled lightly of alcohol, and cologne. Of course with his white briefs, and a towel around his waste, I couldn’t tell much about what was below that. “I’m so nervous , this is my first time here” following-up with the question “Do you come here often?” “No,” I replied, “it’s been a while for me.” “Would you come in and talk with me?” He asked. Figuring that this might go somewhere interesting, I obliged the boy and he closed the door behind us. I put my duffle bag down and lay my fresh clothes over it. The boy sat on the bed.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Fulfilling A Boy's Fantasy

“So Kevin, what’s on your mind?” He blurted out really fast, “I wanted to know if you‘d fuck me! I’ve always fantasized about being with a cowboy.” “Sure” I said, and leaning over, I kissed him. As I did so I started getting hard, so I pushed Kevin down down onto his knees and he started licking my cock through my jeans, with his head right up against my belt buckle. It felt awesome, and within seconds I was all wet and hard. I reached down and popped the buttons on my jeans, and he pulled my cock out and started licking the head and trying to suck me. From the way his teeth kept getting in the way, I could tell he hadn’t had much practice. I suggested he lay on the bed and suck my cock. As he stood-up to re-position himself, I pulled-off his towel. “You won’t be needing this.” I kissed him again and he lay on the bed, his head hanging off the end of the mattress so I put my cock into his mouth. Just about that time there was a knock on his door, “Hey Kevin, you coming back up?” the voice outside said. Kevin answered back, “I want to take a nap. Maybe later.” “Okay, but I don’t know how you’re going to meet anyone locked up in this room” the voice answered back. And with that the conversation ended and Kevin went back to sucking me, just the head at first, but over the next 10 to 15 minutes, I managed to get him to take my whole cock down his throat. The feeling was fantastic, and watching his throat open out as I pushed deeper each time, I pulled out and pushed back in. He did gag quite a bit, and the slobber on his face just made it even hotter. I reached down and fisted his cock a bit, then bent over and sucked it, licking the precum from the tip. I started unbuttoning my shirt. “You like that don’t you boy?” I asked. He tried to answer, but his response was muffled by my cock.

I re-positioned him on the bed. When I moved to take my hat off, he asked me to leave it on, so I obliged. “Please sir.” He said. I thought to myself ‘This is gonna be fun’. As he laid back on the bed I propped his head up with the pillow, and towel, and face fucked him for a little bit. “Be sure you get it good and wet.” I said. Then I pulled out and lifted his legs, spat on his hole and started working in a finger. ‘Damn he’s so tight’ I thought as he gasped in pleasure (or was it pain?). I worked in a second finger, unbuckling my belt at the same time. He adjusted the pillow and started biting it. After a few minutes and some more spit the boy settled down and was trembling some. “You Okay?” I asked. “Yes sir” he responded. I positioned my hard cock at his hole and start pushing in, saying “Let me know if I am hurting you and I’ll stop.” He just shook his head yes. I bent over him as I worked my cock into his hole and sucked on his tongue, and, of course, encouraging him suck on mine. Then I leaned-over and began nibbling on his ear, whispering “You’re so tight. You like my big cowboy cock in your hole?” “Yes sir” he said as he gasped for air.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Fulfilling A Boy's Fantasy

I started fucking him slowly at first to give him a chance to adjust, then when he wasn’t gasping as much, I started going deeper and harder, and faster. I felt my cock growing inside his tight hole. I held his legs and torso against my torso, so his face was about even with the top of my chest. He starts to bite, then backs off. “It’s okay” I said, adding “You can bite if you need to” and positioned his head and pulled it against my chest as I fucked him. We fucked for a good 15 or 20 minutes in this position. He continuously moaned and gasped saying “Fuck, fuck” between gasps and nibbles at my tits. His bites made makes me even harder and about then I came, grunting “I’m cumming boy! Do you feel me?” “Yes” [gasp] “sir, yes, I feel it.”

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Fulfilling A Boy's Fantasy

When I’m done I lift back up and just keep fucking him as I grab his cock. That’s all it took and he starts shooting his load. It hit’s the wall behind him, and bend down and lick some of the cum off his cock, and dribble it in his mouth as I kiss him. We are kissing for a few minutes as my cock gets hard again, and I cum in him again fairly quick. Then I start softening. When I pull out, I notice the blood on my cock, the sheets, and his hole is seeping pink. Sorry about that I say.

Courtesy of Breedingzone. 

  1. Yeah its scary at first but then you realize you just had an awesome fuck and want more!

  2. hmmm blood at the end poor boy…. I hate that … i feel like a bad bottom when it happens to me.. 🙁 🙁

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