Chronicles of a London CumPig || Ugly City In A Beautiful World

 Hey, horny guys.

Hope you had a great and horny week. Mine was good and proper lazy, hehe. Had a sci-fi film marathon where I watched as many films I could possibly squeeze in. It was awesome. hehe.


Had a few cocks is in my office toilets, as usual. A boy’s got to have his daily protein shake right?

I tried a new route to the TIM London office on Friday and have to admit I got a bit lost, hehe. (I ended up somewhere in Battersea, for those of you who know London.)  But as I travelled on the new Overground it gave me the chance to see London from a different perspective than street level. (The Overground is a raised-up train that circles town outside of Zone 1). And, my god, London is such an ugly city, lol. It was a truly gray and miserable day, as usual. I was in a good mood but these brick buildings that seem so obsessively badly designed made my stomach churn, lol.

It’s strange that we humans can create the most beautiful of things, structures and monuments and buildings, and yet we allow ourselves to live and function in environments that hardly seem fit for humans (and accept it without loud protests). I know I’m exaggerating a bit but still, imagine what we could achieve if we actually built beautiful and innovative things? What a wonder and joy our cities would be.

And then the sun came out, and I was like, oh it’s a pretty cool town we live in, it’s just the weather that sucks, lol.

Oh my, did I just write a blog about the weather? My god I’m going downhill, lol.

The other day I was filmed by a good friend of mine, a talented cinematographer. I lay on my black bed sheets, naked, with the sun coming in through the half-open blinds, wanking (well, of course). Imagining his perfect hairy bubble bum sitting on my face, oh I came a lot. I’m not sure what his short film will be about but I’m looking forward to see it.

We also started editing properly the music video for Rosa Lux Monsters, which will be a challenge. I think it could come out really well in the end, though, and I always like a challenge, hehe.

Oh, and here’s a video I’ve been working on. I call it Kuk 1. Enjoy.

Okay, I’m running late to work and there is no bus–better run (RUN, Forest, RUN)…

Have a good week, guys.



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  1. WOW! Anton, I really like that video. I have my own distinction between art and porn. A video like this is art to me, even though a sexual act is happening, the way it is presented makes it much more substantial then simply jacking off or getting/giving head. great job.

    1. Ah thank u, I really appreciate that, u are very kind, I showed it at the arty Berlin porn film festival last year, a great little festival,
      Hugs a

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