CUMSLOPPY STORY || The Love of Breeding

Damn, I was horny that night. And I was tired of the same old tail here in Jersey. So I made the decision to go into The City (New York, that is) to get me some new boi tail.

Cleaned up, got into the pickup truck, lit a cigarette, and I was on my way. I had posted a notice of my intentions on in hopes that someone fitting the description of what I wanted would call me on my cell phone on the way. I got all the way into Manhattan, and the calls were sparse, and not promising so far. So I went into a local gay pub in the West Village, and had a drink. The usual crowd.

I went back out to my truck parked outside on Christopher St., and checked my cell phone voicemail. THERE HE WAS!!! “Hi, my name is ___ and I’m 24 years old, blonde, blue eyes, slender, and a bottom. Please come over to my apartment at _____ and you can call me at _____.” It didn’t take me but a few seconds to call him back and turn my truck around to the East Side towards his place.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || The Love of Breeding

He met me at the door, and my jaw dropped. DAMN, what a pretty boi! Tall and lean, smooth and creamy-skinned, a boyishly handsome face and big pools of medium blue eyes that I could’ve drowned in. We made very little small talk, but took a minute to burn one. Then it was OFF to his bedroom and OFF with the clothes. He sucked on my already hard dick, which I enjoyed seeing going in and out of those thick sweet young lips. Then I jumped on top of him, and started making out with this hottie…kissing him deeply on the mouth, our tongues darting in and out as we began the dance of male bonding that only guys like us can know.

Finally, I had to taste that ass. He got up on all fours on his bed, and I was presented with an absolutely perfect lilly-white ass with a sweet little pink asshole surrounded with just enough dark blonde hair. With my mouth watering, I dove in and ate that hot boi ass for all I was worth…licking it, chewing on it, savoring the musky boi smell and taste that I was getting from him.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || The Love of Breeding

It was time to get inside him. Getting up on the bed behind him while he was still on all fours, I mounted him from the rear. Oh, man, it was hot, sweet, and tight in there. He indicated that I should go a little slower, so I gave him time to adjust to my 8+ inches. Finally my pubes were resting against his smooth young asscheeks, and I began to slowly saw in and out of my boi. It suffices to say that this topman was in Heaven at that moment, and the best was yet to come (or cum, that is).

I asked him after awhile to turn over on his back. Once again I entered him, but with his legs around my neck over my shoulders, so that I could fuck him and at the same time look into those beautiful blue eyes. He was tall, and so am I, so we kissed and fucked at the same time. I couldn’ve popped my load during that time, but held back to savor the wonderful experience awhile. While I had his legs over my shoulders, I also began to nibble on his blonde furry legs and on the edges of his big boy feet. There was a bonding that took place during these moments as we were making love that I have rarely found recently, and I found myself being grateful for every single moment to be inside this boi. And so we began the dance of male bonding in earnest.

Finally, I turned him back over on his stomach and entered him from behind above. It was then that I decided it was time to pound, and the more I pounded, the deeper grew his moans. Indicating that I was about to pop my load, he told me “Oh yes, man, shoot your load inside me!” so after a minute of heavenly fucking, my load boiled up from my balls and screaming out the head of my dick into his hot tight willing assguts….again and again….shooting teaspoons of my male DNA as far inside him as I could. It seemed like that it would never stop, and I didn’t want it to.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || The Love of Breeding

But my blonde God bottomboi about then started clenching his ass muscles around my cock and moaning louder, and began shooting his hot load beneath us on the sheets of the bed….milking the last drops of oozing cum from my cock in the process. We collapsed on the bed, with me on his back still having my cock buried in his butt. We laid there for a few mintues, kissing and rubbing against each other for awhile. God, life was good that night.

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