It was an experience a few years ago that resulted in me giving up on offering condoms. I was in Germany getting fucked by a guy through a glory hole. He fucked me for several minutes and I was really enjoying it (in spite of the condom). He slowed down briefly. I assumed he wanted better access and I wanted deeper penetration anyway. So I spread my cheeks and shoved my ass into the hole so that part of my cheeks were through to his side. It was what he wanted. He began deep thrusting my ass. I was in heaven. He went on for two or three minutes, then stopped. He stayed in my ass for a couple of minutes. I was puzzled but figured he just needed a rest.

Then he pulled out and left. I turned around and bent over to look into his booth. the door was open and he was gone. Damn. What the hell? I got on my knees and kept waiting for another man to satisfy my anal needs. No one came. So I stood and put my underwear back on. I felt wetness around my hole. I stupidly assumed it was lube from the condom. But it smelled and tasted like…. cum. What? I panicked, went out to the bathroom and reached back to wipe up is nut away. He had bitten the end of the condom off and gotten his bare cock head in my ass. All I felt was the rubber along his sheath — but he had fucked me with a bare — cum depositing — cock head. Sneaky bastard.


Back to the the bathroom — I did not notice an intimidating German bear walk in. I was embarrassed. He just looked at me, reached between my cheeks and gave me a big smirk. So you are a barebacking bitch he said in his heavy German accent. “No, no. Some guy” — his hand went to my mouth. And he told me in German to be quiet. He said to me in German “let’s go slut” and led me back to a larger booth where he pushed me inside, closed the door, pushed me to my knees and fished out his cock. I kneeled there in front of this hairy, beefy German, feasting on his sausage with another guys sperm swimming in my unprotected ass.

He only let me suck on it for a few moments before he pulled me up, pulled my pants down, swung me around and bent me over the stool. I looked over my shoulder and began to say “condom, ples….” when his open hand came crashing down on my face. Stunned I did not know what to do. He grabbed my arms and pulled me up and around so that were were facing each other, me tearing up. Then he grabbed hold of each of my nipples and squeezed them so hard I began to cry.


After about 30-45 seconds of the nipple torture, he said “don’t ever again mention a condom. I never fuck my bitches anyway but bare. Verstehest du? (Do you understand). I nodded and said yes Sir. He turned me around and bent me back over. Then he shoved his massive uncut cock into my ass in one stoke. I moaned loudly. This only made him pleased. He rode me HARD. It was awkward bent over the stool but I dared not complain. After several minutes of deep thrusting has rammed me deep and shot the second load into my ass. When he pulled out I was ready to rush off to the bathroom and try to clean the loads out. But he stopped me and told me to stay put, don’t talk and take whatever enters my ass. My heart froze. He left the booth and I could tell he did not close the door. I reached back and found gobs of cum oozing out my ass. I brought it to my face and in the dim light I saw blood on my hand. Now I was panicking.

But I never got a chance to get up as I heard the door close behind me. I dared not look around. My next lover unzipped, rubbed his cock against my rosebud for a short while then shoved it in. He fucked me several minutes before dumping his load in my ass. Then a third guy followed the same routine. The fourth guy paused a moment, I could hear him chuckling. Again, I was still facing the dark corner, bent over the stool when I felt the cold steel of his Prince Albert push against my ass. I was ready to climb out of my skin. He was NOT gentle. I had never been fucked by a guy with a PA before. I was whimpering with each bare thrust in my ass. He had a lot of energy and clearly relished fucking my cum-filled ass raw. Finally he finished rutting and ripped his cock out of my ass.


I was broken, exhausted, humiliated, filled with cum and tear stained. The Bear finally came back and told me to get dressed. He made me follow behind him to his car and told me to not say a word until he gave me permission. He drove to his house and parked his Mercedes in the garage.

Needless to say I had an owner, whether I was looking for one or not. My ass was really raw and filled with cum. The PA must have ripped me up since there was a fair amount of blood. But my owner would not let me bath. He took me to his bed and I spent my first night as his bitch. In the morning I learned how each day was to start. He used my mouth as a urinal, I blew him and he fucked me. After spending the night fucking me several times, the last fuck in the morning was difficult. But I took it. He drove me to the train and gave me a cell number to call later in the day. And so began my life as a bottom bitch for a German bear.

I was his bitch for over two wonderful, sleazy years. He never used condoms on me and passed me around freely. It was amazing I did not turn poz. But I became a cum junkie barebacker instantly. I miss my bear but think of him when men ejaculate in my ass.

Courtesy of Breedingzone. 

  1. Hamburg was my favourite (gay)place, before collapse of Berlin wall. Now it has been years definetly Berlin.Hopefully I m there in next summer too. I like leather and submit, s/m, bondage, piss etc. so to me Berlin is a Heaven 😉

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