I’m a preppy 28 year old, white dude of Irish descent, clean-cut, athletic, by many considered the typical red-blooded American male.

But a more select group of acquaintances knows me for my more intimate characteristics. A bareback top with a mean 7” and a bubble butt to die for. Except for my propensity for barebacking, I’m pretty conventional. I get tested every 3 months, and have so far avoided the bug.

Last weekend I got into chat with a guy in my neighborhood. When I say “neighborhood,” he lives 14 miles away. But by Internet standards, that’s close; so we decided to meet.

I was pleasantly surprised when he opened the door. He was about 40, 5’8″, bright green eyes, and dimples. A really handsome man. At first he was pretty easy-going, and we laughed a lot. We seemed to have a lot in common. We smoked some pot and got into a discussion of how it affected us.

I commented that weed relaxed me and made me horny.

He countered that it made him more animalistic and aggressive.


He wasn’t kidding! Once our clothes were off he became a totally different person—obsessed with using the hole of a guy that topped.

In no time at all he had me on my hands and knees with my ass high in the air like a bitch waiting to be bred. He rimmed me for a while and used his spit to lube me. He worked his fingers into my hole. Long fingernails clawed at my ass. I sniffed his poppers and awaited the inevitable assault.

I felt his cockhead against me, and within a minute was impaled up to his balls. A mixture of pain and ecstasy. He plunged in and out of me, almost withdrawing, then back in up to his pubes, till his balls snapped against my butt. My ass is still kind of tight, because I haven’t been fucked much, so each time he plunged in, it hurt. Not that he cared. He mumbled something about dry fucking being best, and called me his pussy-boy and his bitch. He told me he was going to impregnate me and wanted his seed to live on in my body.


His dick, already engorged, grew ever harder and his eyes rolled back in his head—classic signs of a guy about to cum. But he fucked on.

15, maybe 20 minutes later I hit my low. The pot and the poppers had totally consumed me, and my ass had became the fucked-out hole sink hole he wanted it to be. Even token resistance was impossible.

Where, he posed, did I want him to shoot? I’m not a Bug Chaser. If I know a guy is poz, I ask him not to cum in me. I asked his status. He smiled a nasty grin and said that it didn’t matter, that he’d already cum once in me.

I thought back 20 minutes, when I felt sure he was going to cum. He had! The fucker concealed it, hadn’t missed a beat, because he knew he could cum again.

Grasping my ankles, he pushed my legs even further apart, and pounded my ass relentlessly as his 2nd load flooded my innards. That was just too much. With a head full of poppers and an ass full of cum, I shot all over my face and chest.


Again I asked if he were poz.

“Can’t rightly say. Guess you’ll have to wait and see. Then we’ll both know.”

I wondered if “Can’t rightly say” meant he didn’t know or just wouldn’t tell me. I’ve taken some poz loads in my life, but have always cum out neg. Luck of the Irish, I guess. But maybe my luck’s run out.

Meanwhile, I’ve developed an attraction to the guy. I’m going to see him again tomorrow, and this weekend we’re going to the baths together. I’m really looking forward to seeing him. If I have to be his boy-toy, his bitch, even his slave, to please him, so be it. Me, the arrogant ex-top.

Courtesy of Pridesites. 

  1. I am not really sure why anyone would want to take the chance of gettg HIV/Aids just for the sake of having sex. I would think you wou would want to at least try to be safe for your own sake and not want that kind of sorry in your life. Don’t you think that life is short enough without taking the risk of making it shorter.

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