I have a buddy who I’ve known and been having intermittent sex with for about 4 years. I know him and his situation as he knows mine. We’re both safe. We fuck each other bareback but neither of us has ever taken the others load, until last night. I was home alone and decided to check my mail. When I logged on I saw him on my messenger service. On a chance, I hit the shower and got cleaned up in case he was available. I sent him a message and sat and waited, with my cock about to burst in anticipation. He must have been busy because it was about 15 minutes later I got his response. He said he was home and horny. I had given him a blowjob once outside on his deck which I thought was really hot and asked if he’d like a repeat. I’ll be waiting outside was his reply. I quickly typed another line, “you can always let me work you up to cumming with my mouth, spin me around, shove it in and give your load where I want it the most. There was no reply so I figured he’d already walked away from his computer. I was almost out of the door when I stopped and ran back to the bedroom. I dropped my pants, squirted some lube on a few fingers and rubbed it around my hole, just in case I got lucky and he had read that last line.


5 minutes later I walked through his gate and he was already sitting on a bench in the dark with no pants on. My night was getting suddenly better. I knelt and started sucking and working on his cock which tasted great as always. We both knew this had to be a quickie so I was working him over with my mouth and hand pretty diligently. I was moaning on his cock which he likes and doing everything I could to make him fill my mouth up. After a few minutes I could tell it was working and he was getting close. I kept up the pace, needing what he was about to give me. He put his hands on my head, which always before meant he was about to cum, except this time he held my head and pulled his cock out of my mouth. I was disappointed for a second until I realized, maybe he had read that last message I sent him.


He moved behind me and I bent over the bench he had been sitting on. He rubbed his cock around on my hole for a second and as soon the head found my hole, he shoved it all in pretty quick. And when I say all, he’s got a good 7 and half incher that hits bottom in me. As soon as he was in and I grunted pretty loud, he pulled out and started fucking me. He was keeping up the same pace in my ass I had been on keeping while sucking. His dick felt great sawing in me but the anticipation of what might be about to happen made it even better. Sure enough, he fucked me fast and hard for a just a minute and went deep in me and held still. I could feel his shaft twitching in me as he gave me his first bareback load. I almost came without anyone touching my cock from the sensation. After the jerking sensation in my hole stopped, he pulled out and stepped back. We both pulled on our underwear and shorts. I thanked him for a great time and left.


I kept my butt clenched tight on the ride home but I could still feel a drop of his load escape a few times. When I got home to change there was a huge wet spot in my underwear that had soaked through to make a small spot on my shorts. He had cum huge in me. I jacked off twice later that night with some of his load still in me.

Courtesy of Breedingzone. 


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