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Hi, guys.

Hope you had a good week. I had a very busy one, with lots to think about and a few thoughtful twists.

The thing is this: lately (over the last 3-4 weeks or so) I’ve seen this gay single dad a number of times. Seeing the same guy more than once for sex is quite an unusual occurrence for me, as I’m sure you’d gathered by now, hehe.

I haven’t been exclusive with him, of course, and I’ve made that clear to him. We are very different in so many ways. Then again he’s close to my age (3 days older than me, lol), so what to expect? He has a wicked sense of humour and, although he’s older than the usual guys I see, he’s a very sexy man with shaved head. His son is 9 and a lot of fun to be with as well.

I’ve really enjoyed “playing dad” or “family” with him and his son. It’s become a bit of an addiction, in a way; I keep thinking, ‘oh, maybe we can go to that fairground, or go and see that play or cinema,’ like a forgotten excuse to go and do nice and fun childish things.

The dad is very shy in many ways, the typically reserved British type, hehe. I often tease him when we are out walking, trying to hold his hand to embarrass him, hehe. Is that mean, lol?

I’m not really sure where it’s going, to be honest. Do things have to be going somewhere? Does one always have to have a grown up, sit down discussion to decide what’s going on and how to proceed?

Can one not just go with the flow — “I enjoy spending time with you, you enjoy spending time with me”, that type of thing.

I wrote on my wall blog post a couple of days ago that the true way to a man’s heart is this: “tie me down and I fly away, release me and I come back to stay.” I know it’s all cliche and stuff, but there is some truth in it still, I think.

Anyhow, I had a really hot guy over the other day. I mean he was really hot, tip top on all fronts, so to say. But then again, he wasn’t part of a family idyll, like when I went to IKEA with the dad and his son — had a smashing day indeed, so much fun and silliness, hehe.

Oh and they are showing the KUK 1 at the Fringe! film and arts festival here in London, as well as at a festival in Vienna, so that’s truly awesome. And the launch of the MONSTERS music video will be in Berlin. All very exciting.

My dad will be visiting for a week over Easter so no hanky panky, lol. And we start cooking for my new Swedish/mixed-European simplified cook book. Wish us luck, hehe.


Have a great one, guys. 



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  1. He must be really into you for him to bring his son into it. I started out the exact same way, with a 9 year old “step” child. Then adopted two infants. I am very conservative about who meets my kids.

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