Chronicles of a London CumPig || Bus Crushes

Hey, sexy fuckers!

Hope you all had an awesome week. Mine was busy as usual–spent parts of it playing dad with my friend’s son, running around the parks with him on my shoulders, and as soon as I put him down he’d scream at the top of his lungs: “Piggy-back!” LOL

I’m on the bus now and I think I just got today’s first little man-crush, hehe. I’m standing in front of this tall Arabic-looking guy, mid-twenties, with dark, short, shiny, thick hair and a nice black stubble you could grate cheese on easily, hehe. He has the darkest and most mysterious eyes I’ve seen for a long time. I’m definitely an eye person; it’s the most important part of us men, I think. He has long lashes and dark bushy eyebrows almost grown together at the centre (love that, so masculine).

He’s a bit taller than me and I can’t stop looking at him. I feel I’m making him uncomfortable so I look out the window instead, trying to think of what I’m going to do today, but my eyes wander back to his handsome face and big nose, as drawn by invisible threads. I wonder what his cock looks like; no doubt it’s nice and thick and meaty. His hand around the support bar in the bus is showcasing a set of nice, masculine, thick fingers with rough skin around the edges. No doubt he has a nice and hairy crack between his firm legs–wouldn’t mind plowing my tongue deep inside it and stimulate his man-hole. Licking his sweaty hairy balls up along the shaft of his penis…

And then he gets of the bus and it’s over.

I look around–anything else that draw my attention? A few twinks are giggling at the back, an old black woman is citing the Bible out loud for anyone who wants to listen, but nothing much else going on.

Earlier in the week I went to XXL with my good friend Liam Cole. It was an awesome night! XXL is one of the cool clubs in town nowadays, with a large darkroom and chill out lounge and two huge dance floors with very different type of music.

When I was waiting in the toilet queue, a handsome, muscly, twinky boy turned around. He looked familiar so I smiled. He said hi. I said he was cute, and he leaned forward and kissed me. He was shorter than me (something I love – I’m 5’11) so I leaned forward to meet his lips for a second time.

He asked me if I wanted to go to the darkrooms and naturally I said yes. We walked past Liam and his friends on our way to the darkroom and I said I’d be right back; he just smiled at me.


Inside the darkroom, close to the entrance so that there was some lights being thrown over us, he pulled¬† my throbbing cock from my tight black trousers and started sucking it eagerly. There were some other guys lurking in the dark, watching us, which made me hornier. The boy, who asked if I recognized him (I didn’t, but I said I did, *blush*), sat down on a bench. I jumped up on it, straddling him with one leg to either side, and fed him my cock. It was a bit tricky, I have to admit, with my trousers still around my ankles–but where there is a will, there is a way.

I jumped down on the floor again and told him to pull his jeans down so I could lick his firm bubble butt, and he obliged with a coy smile. Spreading his cheeks wide open I started rimming his sweaty hole. It tasted nice and salty, and my cock got even harder. I stood up and rubbed it a bit against his crack. I was so tempted to just ram it into him right then and there, but I held back. He sucked me a bit more but the darkroom was getting too busy, so we decided to go back to the dance floor. I said bye after giving him my number and rejoined Liam and his friends.


I also met my old flat mate from Norway. It’s always nice to see him. As I was wearing my Treasure Island Media vest I was approached by two hot guys who applied to be filmed for us, so I introduced them to Liam. Two days later they were both being interviewed on the casting couch.

After another quick tour around the darkroom we left and I got the night bus back home, rushing through town at high speed.

Till next time.



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  1. Hey man, on my way to Paris. Where are the best sex clubs/baths for Bareback/raw fucking?

    1. U should try the club / bar / darkroom called DEPOT it’s pretty cool
      Especially the cabins / darkrooms in the basement, but don’t bring anything expensive as there are loads of pick pocketer around hehe,
      Also try the sun city sauna just around the corner

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