CUMSLOPPY STORY || Anonymous Blow and Go

Two nights ago I was at a pretty heavy cruise bar in my city — not much going on because it was the night before Halloween weekend. I did catch the eye of a guy who looked hungry for it. He was about 40 with an average build, masculine but seemed submissive.

He went out on the bar patio and I followed him. It was quiet and dark out there (we were the only people on the patio at the time) and he walked up to me and said “What do you want?”

“I want you to swallow my load,” I said.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Anonymous Blow and Go

He was down on his knees in about 5 seconds with absolutely no worries someone might catch us. Hauled out my cock and started going to town on it. My big peeve (besides someone who won’t swallow) are those guys who think a blowjob means sucking on the tip and jacking off the shaft. I can jack off at home, I want relief and I want to be in charge of that throat.

I pre-cum a LOT, and after a couple of minutes he stopped and said “Please don’t say you’re getting close.” I told him no, and to keep doing what he was doin

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Anonymous Blow and Go

We went about 15 minutes out there. No one walked outside. I relaxed and let him do his thing — very nice, a combination of real suction action and just burying my bone as far down his throat as he could take it. When he needed air, he’d suck on my balls for a little bit. If he slowed down a little, I’d put my hips into it and start fucking his throat hard until he moaned and went back to sucking.

It was pretty intense with no breaks and when I could feel him getting a little tired I pulled out some poppers and asked if he wanted some. He did, just a little, but I told him the amount was up to me and make him take four strong drags until I could see him getting dizzy and way horny. Then I hit the poppers myself and went to town, holding the back of his head and fucking his throat roughly until I heard him moan, which REALLY makes me hard and makes me want to fuck harder. When I came I held his head down on my dick and just shot down his throat, telling him “Take it all.”

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Anonymous Blow and Go

After it was over I just rubbed his back for a second and told him I had to go. He said he came to the bar twice a month on the same day and asked if I’d take his number. I told him no, but I’d check back at the bar on Thursdays once in a while to see if he would still be there.

Anonymous hard blow-and-go — the best.

Courtesy of Breedingzone. 

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