CUMSLOPPY STORY || Black Surprise

The summer of my senior year in high-school yielded a time filled with curiosity. The focus of my curiosity was cock. I was fascinated with it; I wanted to touch, suck, worship cock. I had just turned 18 and was blonde, white, fit, stood 6 foot 1 inch and possessed an over active sex drive. Through the app Grindr I started chatting with a faceless torso named Devin.

We soon traded pics which revealed his enormous and beautiful penis, 9 inches when fully erect. He was a handsome man and more importantly, black! I had been offered a meeting to fuck many a time from far less attractive men, and I felt differently when Devin talked of meeting. He made me feel safe and special and even liked the fact that I was a virgin. He offered to host and we talked for hours about what we would do once alone.

I arrived at his apartment around 7 am the next morning knees shaking. I finally conjured up the courage to ring the bell, and a 6 foot 6 inch black man open the door starch naked. He said in a deep raspy voice, “come in” to which I offered no audible response but moved in accordance with his request.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Black Surprise

As I walked past him I could help but admire his impressive figure and intimidating cock. As I attempted to sneak the words “nice place you got here” out of my mouth, his tongue was already making its way down my throat. We kissed long and hard, and I didn’t even notice his hands surveying my body.

He started on my chest and soon found his powerful hands down my pants and grabbing my cock. He started toward my ass and played, slapped, and pinched every inch of it. I was already rock hard but he maintained a soft cock. I don’t realize he had already removed my clothes until it was to late. He threw me on the couch and stuck his massive dick in my face.

I gazed at what I had always wanted. It smelled of excitement and mystery. I reached out and grabbed him and took his head into my mouth. He tasted magnificent! I became braver as I took more of him in my mouth savoring every inch.

I got off the couch and on my knees ready to take his cock again, when he pulled out a small camcorder. I was taken by this but the idea excited me. I smiled and started giving my first BJ on camera. I was so excited I didn’t even think or care what was to happen next.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Black Surprise

His cock was so warm in my mouth I could of sucked on it for hours; however, he had different intentions and slapped my face with his cock and ordered me to “turn around.” I had not even considered him fucking my ass until this moment. As I thought of whether to allow him to fuck me I felt his lube covered fingers enter my ass.

It was an alien feeling having someone else inside you. I started with two and worked his way up to three then four. He the started to slowly prod my hole with his head. He gave me a smirk and thrusted full forced into me. The pain was to much but so was the pleasure. I let out moan after moan as he rammed my virgin ass brutally.

The warmth of all 9 inches balls deep in my ass was incredible. Feeling his head slide in and out of me was something you have to try yourself. He fucked me harder than anyone has to this day. First doggy, then cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, missionary, standing, face down ass up, and what seemed hundreds more.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Black Surprise

He never stopped pounding for two hours he had his way with my ass until he was ready to blow. He slowed down and pulled out. However, he pulled off the condom and went back in. He thrusted 3 or 4 more times and I felt a warm liquid shooting inside me. He bred me! I was shocked! He came inside of me, pulled his dick out and sent me on my way with his load streaming down my leg.

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  1. a nice story – too sweet for my taste, but because of his
    virginity went: OK! Big + cause was black stud!

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