CUMSLOPPY STORY || Bred and Pissed

One late night I was hangin with my Poz Pig buddy Todd. Todd lives in one of those Gay Ghettos in a Huge US City, directly across the street from a sleezy leather bar. We got kinda bored in his house, and since both of us really needed to piss, he suggested that we take it outside. Todd’s house sits back from the street by about 25 feet, and there are other buildings on either side of his front yard, which is also where he parks his car, there not being any room to park elsewhere. The buildings flanking his yard are both out by the street, so his car is in a kind of dark nook just off the street, but totally visible to anyone passing by that cares to look in that direction.

It was right around bar-closing time when we went out, both of us wearing leather harnesses, collars, armbands and boots. Maybe a jock too, I can’t recall that. And we were both kinds feelin real good, ya know, and had taken with us a bottle of baby oil [cause it SURE does feel good when you’re feelin good, know what I mean?]

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Bred and Pissed

We started out by taking turns one of us kneeling in front of the other, while we got pissed on. Both of us love the feeling of hot piss streaming over our bodies, in our hair and faces. We both try to be politically correct too, recycling whenever possible, which in this case meant suckin each others pissing cocks, and swallowing whatever piss didn’t escape our mouths.

When we finished with the immediate need, we turned to fucking each other, while the bottom one of us bent over the hood of his car. A number of vehicles passed by us, including at least one police car, while we were fucking each other. Suddenly a car stopped, but it was only preparing to turn into the parking lot across the street. The driver, a twenty-something Jock type, got out of the car and unzipped his Levis, obviously needing to relieve himself. Todd, ever the Slutty Whore, whistled really loud, and when Dude turned our way, Todd motioned him over.

Well, the Jock looked interested in finding out just what was happening in that dark corner, and he hurried across the street to us. Todd and I both say “Sup” [while Todd was still long-dicking my ass] and Dude’s eyes got REAL big as he slurred “Damn you Dudes are Hot!” To which Todd says ‘Ya wanna finish that piss you started?” And Dude says “yeah… where at?”

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Bred and Pissed

“How about in his face?” Todd says, pointing to me, bent over the car hood, Leathered out and covered with baby oil. Dude says Sure, pulls his cock out and starts pissing over my back and into my face. I quickly opened my mouth to get some of that hot piss, just as Todd started pumping my ass faster, obviously close to shooting his Poz load up my hole. I could feel his cock spasming in my hole, and starting to slide in and out easier, my hole now slicked with his toxic cum. Todd pulls out, bends over next to me on the car hood, and tells me to fuck him. As I slid my dripping cock up Todd’s slutty hole, Todd told Dude that if he wanted to, he could fuck my ass while I fucked his.

Well, Dude had finished his piss, me swallowing about half of it, and the other half being sprayed all over Todd and I. Next thing I know, I feel a piss-wet quickly hardening cock at my hole, and I only slowed my thrusts long enough to tell Dude “just plow it in me, I love it hard!” Yep, I got exactly what I’d asked for, as this anonymous hottie shoved his now rock hard raw cock deep into my cum-slick asshole. God, it felt awesome! Here I was, outside, in public, on a hot summer night, covered in baby oil and piss, with a load of cum already up my ass, a hard anonymous cock raw-dicking my hole, and my dick deep up another hot tight hole.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Bred and Pissed

When I get a dick up my ass, its damn near impossible for me to hold out, so I was quickly shooting my toxic load deep up into Todd’s ass, and my cum-spasms must have set off Jock Dude’s orgasm, because he was quickly unloading in me! Todd and I stayed bent over, still coupled, as Dude said “I gotta piss again!” Todd told him to just let it loose in my ass, and I soon felt that great hot, wet, filling feeling in my ass, which set off my own piss into Todd’s ass. When everyone had finished pissing, we all uncoupled, turned to our anonymous donor and thanked him for the hot time. He told us that the pleasure was all his LOL.

The next night, Todd picked me up at my place to drive to McDonalds. As I settled into the front seat of his Camaro, I looked at the windshield and said “Dude!! How can you see out of your windows, they’re all slick with baby oil LOL!!” To which he replied, “Well, thats just a hazard of livin in the ‘Hood…”

Courtesy of Breedingzone. 

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