CUMSLOPPY STORY || My Partner’s Brother

Been with my partner for 9 years. We still have hot sex, but we mess around a bit, me quite a bit more than my hubby, and I mean a lot more!My partners brother is an asshole to put it lightly. He is quite a “homophobe” and has treated us not very well. He has been married for 27 years to a nasty bitch. I am not sure who I hate worse him or her. Anyhow, even though he is a jerk he is quite “doable” and I have had fantasies of sucking him off and then having him bareback my ass and loading me up with his redneck load!

I never thought it could actually happen. But 3 months ago he showed up at the door unannounced. I was wondering why he was there as he knew my partner would be at work. He said he wanted to talk to me and show me something. I thought ‘oh great, he’s gonna call me out on how miserable our relationship has been on him!’He excused himself to the bathroom before we could chat. I waited for him on the couch, when he came in the room I my mouth fell open.

His fly of his dirty jeans was open reveling the longest cock I’ve seen in awhile,(believe me I have seen and been fucked by a few hundred cocks in my lifetime!)His was something else, It was a fucking hot cock and quite tasty looking. He asked if I wanted it, without saying a word or hesitating even a split second. I was on my knees with my face firmly planted in front of his huge tool! I was salivating as he slapped my face with his hard on!

CUMSLOPPY STORY || My Partner's Brother

He ordered me to lick his huge and extremely hairy low hangers. The smell of his hardworking sweaty body was really turning me on. I started to go down to lick his manly nuts when he suddenly pulled back and barked that I was a fucking fagot queer who thinks of nothing less than being a fucking slut who would not even think about giving it up to his partners brother. He asked meanly how I could submit to him while pretending to be a good partner to his brother. I did have to to respond as he grabbed my had and forced his balls into my mouth. Yeah you are a dirty homo aren’t ya? Fuckhead go head and serve me! I bagged his balls gleefully as they smelled and tasted so manly!

He then said “you wanna suck my cock and make me feel good don’t ya you cock sucking tard! In fact you have always wanted my cock in your mouth haven’t ya you no good queer?” I nodded as the head of his gorged cock entered my mouth. I greedily took the whole thing in down my throat, aided by his rough large hands shoving my head into his hairy crotch! “Ya you fucking like that, don’t ya you little pussy?” I continued to suck that hard tool deep down my throat gladly gagging on it.

After sucking him for what seemed like forever and him barking more insults at me, he grabbed my and drug along the floor to the bedroom, he proceeded to practically rip my clothes off and throw me on the bed. I was fucking loving it when he pulled off his jeans and took off his worn t-shirt revealing his hairy chest and manly belly. Yes Charlie liked his beer and it showed, but it fucking turned me on!

CUMSLOPPY STORY || My Partner's Brother

He pulled my legs up over his shoulders and with a sudden thud he plowed right into my smooth hole. It hurt so good as I moaned. After several thrusts from this brute of an asshole, I was moaning with fucking pleasure beyond belief as his raw cock was plowing my hole! He was quite proud of his cock and ability’s when he bragged at how good he was making him feel. He also said he was a real man and that his fagot brother couldn’t possibly know how to fuck if I was so eager to let him take my body! I replied he was fucking awesome and that he was sending my body to where no one has before! He was giving me his evil smirk and letting me know how superior he was to other men and especially his brother. I evilly agreed with him telling him that he was the best fuck I have ever had. And I wasn’t lying, Charlie is an awesome fucker in bed!

He was sweating profusely all over me as he continued to fuck away my raw hole. He said he was surprised at how tight my shaved “pussy” was. he liked the feeling of the smoothness of it and that I must enjoy shaving it so guys could fuck it. he made me admit to what a slut I’ve been behind his brothers back. I said I want to get fucked and bred by many men. He then got bigger and his thrusts became faster , harder and rougher! He said that I must like it rough, I nodded with excitement and he then fucked me harder and with more force than any other man has done to me before! He start to moan and rumble and growl and then shot what felt like the biggest load I have ever had before! he kept cumming and cumming for seemed like a lifetime. I was grinning from ear to ear as he was breeding my ass and pour his dirty sweat all over my slutty bottom.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || My Partner's Brother

When he was done he ordered me to lick his cock clean, which I did eagerly. I started stoking my cock while I was doing this and he grabbed my hands and told me no! He said he didn’t want me to get off cause his pounding me should have satisfied me. I told him it did as I did have pre-cum dribbling out of my cock. I told him he made me cum and I was all wet because of him. he bragged “Well of course cause I am a real man!” After the wonderful fuck he gave me I agreed with him.

The next thing I knew he grabbed me by the neck and made me swear I would never tell a soul about this, especially his brother. I swore I would never. He told me he would be calling me in a few days and he expected me to show up at his place so he could fuck me again. he then quickly dressed and took off.

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  1. Fucking hot cock, verbal abuse, fucked raw and hard, hot load, then the pleasure of cleaning the cum and ass juices of that boner. Now that’s what I call the perfect FUCK.

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