CUMSLOPPY STORY || Slutty Pissdrinker

There are these woods about 7 miles from where I lived. Since I only had a bike as transportation (I was 23 at the time), I didn’t frequently go there. There is a trail for horses that are used by the men cruising there. On the bike it’s easy to do a recon. There was only one guy there. He wasn’t my type though. A tad too young, thirty something, buzzcut, wearing sweat pants. However he was also the only other guy there. I rode my bike around the woods where the action is supposed to be, but I just met the same guy again, now just standing around rubbing his crotch.

I knew the other guy, let’s call him Sweatpants, was into me. I still wasn’t sure and I didn’t want to approach him so I still had the option of just leaving. I decided to ride my bike a bit into the woods and go for a piss. I walked towards a bush, took my cock out and started to pee. Sweatpants approached me and just stood beside me, watching me piss. I was too afraid to look at him. He didn’t make any moves, he just looked as I massaged my foreskin a bit, showing my red knob that shot the yellow piss into the bushes. I wasn’t exactly sure what to do when I was finished, zip up and leave? Just jerk off a little bit?

I didn’t have to take initiative though. He took out his out fat dick. It was very impressive. The foreskin almost covered his bulbous mushroom head entirely. He knew I was hooked. Sweatpants pulled his foreskin a bit back and started pissing himself. He shot small burst of piss, to see how I reacted. Since I was jerking on my own cock while watching, he knew I didn’t mind seeing him pee. “Want to hold it?” he asked, and he offered me his cock. It felt so warm en nice in my hand. I slid my hand across his foreskin while the urine began to flow again. “Feels good doesn’t it?” he asked. Without looking at him I mumbled “Yes.” “Want to taste it?” he asked. My heart skipped a beat.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Slutty Pissdrinker

There I was, standing in the woods with my hand wrapped around a stranger’s cock. And this man who I just met a few minutes ago wanted to piss in my mouth. Wild. I must admit that wetsex is one of those things that turn me on as a fantasy, but I have tasted my own piss and actually didn’t like it much. But I just had to do it. Because it was nasty and raunchy and wrong on so many levels and therefore incredibly hot. “Sure” I squeaked and I dropped on my knees. His fat uncut prick, with a droplet of piss on it, pointing in my face. I pulled back some of his foreskin that revealed a purplish knob. I looked up to see Sweatpants’ face. He looked triumphantly at me and said “Take it”. I wrapped my lips around his dick. Within an instant I tasted his piss and it tasted horrible. “Swallow” he said, or advised, when he saw I was savoring his piss in my mouth. I just couldn’t swallow, the foul taste was too much. I turned my head to spit it out. “No, no, swallow it, it’s not that bad” he said, “there’s just a little bit left.” Like some mindless slave I once again took his prick in my mouth. Ready to be pissed in again, even though it tasted awful. I just complied and let him use me once more. Sweatpants let go a little jet and I quickly swallowed, trying to taste it as less possible. He did that two more times. It almost made me proud I was drinking piss. He lay his hand on my head and pushed his cock deeper in my mouth. When he said “breath through your nose.” I knew what he wanted to do. He now began pissing in my throat without holding back.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Slutty Pissdrinker

As a beginning pissdrinker and inexperienced deepthroater, having a thick dick in my mouth who’s dumping his horrid pee in my throat wasn’t easy. I tried my best gulping down his stinking yellow water but it was too much. Eventually it went down the wrong pipe and I started coughing.  Tears were rolling down my cheeks. Sweatpants still wasn’t ready and turned away from me to relieve himself from the final jet of piss. “Are you okay?” he asked. “Yeah, yeah, I’m fine.” And then I apologized “Sorry.”  It made him smile. “You don’t have to apologize. Did you ever do this before?”“No, never. But I did have fantasies about it” I answered honestly. “What else do you fantasize about?” he asked. That was a tricky question. I’m such a pervert, I fantasize about everything. He could piss in my ass if he wanted to, “Uh a lot of things” was my vague reply.

“Can I fuck you?” he asked. “Uh… do you have condoms?” “No, do you?” “No…” “So I can fuck you without one?” he deduced. I hesitated. I wasn’t really into bb, but I was all horned up. He looked me and knew I was thinking about it. “Nah, better not” I said, declining his offer. “Can I jerk off and shoot my load on your ass then?” he asked. “Yeah, that’s ok” I answered and I turned around and dropped my pants and bend over. The wind felt nice on my exposed butt, when I showed this stranger my most private orifice. He liked my pinkish star as much as I liked his big uncut dick. “Wow your butthole looks so nice. So tight. So fuckable.” His dirty talk made the experience even better. He touched my ass, grabbing my cheek, running his finger trough my crack. He was still jerking off when he spit in his hand and coated my bumhole with his saliva. Without warning he pushed his index finger in my ass, right up the second knuckle. Once more Sweatpants spat in his hand, using his saliva to soothe my tender rectum and just massaging the outside. That felt really nice.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Slutty Pissdrinker

“I’m almost ready” Sweatpants said, “spread you cheeks.” I did what he asked, even pushing my asshole so my sphincter opened up to welcome his spooge. “Yeah open your butthole, open it… here is comes ughnnn.” He shot a copious amount of cum on my asshole. The thick jizz dripped down my crack on my pants. Sweatpants using his dickhead to smear the cum between my crack, gently pushing against my rectum, trying to penetrate me. The cum acted as lube and his knob suddenly shot past my sphincter. It didn’t stay there long, as he pulled out, collected some cum with his dick and pushed back in, repeating it once more to massage as much of his cum in my guts. When his knob was still buried in my as he said “Next time I’m going to cum in your ass, slutty pissdrinker, maybe piss in it too.” Those words made me cum, enjoying his promises (or threats) and secretly savour the raw cock in my ass.

Courtesy of Breedingzone. 

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  1. Love this story. For me Its like a memory, except I was the pissdrinker and the top, and I sucked my cum off his ass

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