CUMSLOPPY STORY || A Massage and Then Some

This is a true story that took place 4 years ago. I’ve had plenty of “massages” over the years that ended with some sort of sex. This time though I had over done it at the gym while traveling for work and wanted a proper massage to undo the kinks in my back and legs. I like to support young gay masseuses as they are starting their business and I found Adam online. I got an appointment, went to the spa, completed the paperwork and signed the form that stated there would be absolutely no sex before, during, or after the treatment. There were still several other workers and patients in the facility at the time, once Adam and I were in the room I explained where the trouble spots were and got undressed. I prefer to not be covered by a sheet as the movement of the sheet makes me more aware that I’m naked and Adam was ok with not using a sheet.

I laid face down on the bed and happened to have my hands hanging over the sides. As the massage progressed and Adam moved around he would accidently brush against my hands. At one point I began to wonder if it was an accident when there was a noticable bump when he brushed by. It became obvious that he wasn’t wearing underwear under his baggy jeans. Eventually he worked on my legs and as he reached up to do my hamstrings he stroked my ball sack. By the time he was ready for me to roll over I was fully aroused so flipped on my back with my cock standing proud.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || A Massage and Then Some

He didn’t comment but continued to work my legs, chest, and abs. Suddenly Adam bent over and licked my nipples which caused me to gasp. Then he slid down and took my entire cock into his mouth and began to suck me off. I’m very vocal and started to moan quietly. After a couple of minutes he spun me sideways so that my head was hanging off one side and my ass was hanging off the other. Adam then dropped to his knees and gave me an awesome rim job, alternating licking, kissing, and tongue fucking me. At this point my moaning got louder.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || A Massage and Then Some

Without warning Adam stood up and rammed his cock into my ass. He pounded me using only has spit and a bit of massage oil for lube. It was hard, fast, and deep which caused my eyes to roll back in my head from the pleasure of him hitting my prostate and the moans that escaped my mouth with every thrust were anything but quiet. Just as I thought I couldn’t take it anymore he stroked my cock making me shoot my load all the way to my chin. As a I shuddered around him he grunted and I felt his cock expand has he spewed his load deep in my guts. When the cum stopped flowing and he pulled out I was left covered in my cum with his load dripping out of my ass and totally unable to move.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || A Massage and Then Some

He never asked if he could fuck me, never asked if he could do it bare, and definitely didn’t ask if he could breed me — it was one of the hottest fucks I’ve ever had and I still jerk off thinking about the masseuse Adam from Edmonton, Alberta.

Courtesy of Breedingzone. 

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  1. You lucky bastard ! This is how live should be every day! Just had a good bb fuck its 6 in the morning and I am thinking of more cum!

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