CUMSLOPPY STORY || Deep Draining

I don’t usually go out to the cruise bar on Saturday – too many “amateurs” (the guys there during the week are there for one thing only). Went out last night, though, and I was glad…

The bar has a patio. Way in the back (very little light) were three guys. I got up close and found that two of them were taking turns fucking the third, standing up. None of them was my type, but it made me horny and I got out my cock and started working it. A couple people came out, looked at what was going on, and left.

Then a shaved-head guy about 45 came out. He took a look at the three guys but when he saw me working my cock he was right there with a bottle of poppers (good sign). He offered them to me and I took a small hit…then I held the bottle under his nose and made him take a couple of huge hits. When he was done, I shook my head and said “One more”, forcing him to take a third big hit, which he did without hesitation (excellent sign).

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Deep Draining

He was on my cock in record time, just sucking it a little, so it was clear he wanted me to do the work, which was fine – I wasn’t in the mood to kick back and get blown; I wanted to skullfuck some guy. So I grabbed the back of his head, made sure the whole thing was down his throat and just started fucking his mouth as hard as I could. He moaned hard but was really getting into it, just keeping on the poppers while I pounded his throat.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Deep Draining

We did this for about 10 minutes. When I had enough and was ready to come I got the poppers out of his hand, took a good hit, then grabbed the back of his head and shot down his throat. No swallowing required. When it was done, he gasped for breath and said “Did you just come?” Awesome. I love that. “Yeah, I just shot a load right down your throat,” I told him.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Deep Draining

I helped him up, he gave me a quick hug, and was gone in 30 seconds. Just the way I like it. If I could shoot a load every night down an anonymous throat I’d be a happy guy.

Courtesy of Breedingzone. 

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  1. so WHY THE FUCK don’t you guys show poppers in your videos…i mean REALLY show them, the way that this (and many other stories) show? I’m thinking that maybe a whole video or line of videos dedicated to poppers would be fucking rad and would sell like hotcakes!

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