CUMSLOPPY STORY || Men’s Club. Part 1

I heard about a male sex club where homosexual men frequented to meet and take pleasure in sexual contact with one another, so one day when I was feeling particularly horny, I decided to go there and see if i could meet up with a man for some fun. The club was fairly secluded with a car park at the rear of the building and a rear entrance, but there were a few cars in the parking lot, so I parked and entered the building.

Once inside I paid the entrance fee to the front door clerk, whereupon he handed me a towel and a key to a locker. Climbing a staircase, I saw a long dark hallway off of which were numerous doors. Each door opened into a small booth. Selecting a booth at random, I entered it to discover it was empty. I entered the booth, shut the door and removed my pants and underwear. Then I sat down and started to wank while I read all the stuff on the back of the door and on the walls.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Men's Club. Part 1

There was a hole in the wall between my booth and the adjoining booth. Above the hole was written ‘Suck Here’ and an arrow pointed at the hole. The meaning was clear, and I was even more excited at the prospect of playing around with one or more guys. I continued to pull my cock as I thought about engaging in anonymous sex with my fellow patrons to the club. I was as hard as a rock when I heard some footsteps coming down the hallway. At first I just froze as the guy tested the doors of each booth, trying to determine if any were occupied.

When he he pushed on my door and and found it bolted, everything went quiet and I wondered where he was and what he was doing, but it stayed quiet so I thought he must have gone, but I kept pulling my cock. Then i noticed the light that had been coming through the hole went dark, so I bent down to look through the hole and saw an eye watching me wank. At first I was somewhat unsure of how to initiate contact, but deciding that wanking was a good start, I positioned myself prominently on the bench so the guy could watch me, and resumed wacking.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Men's Club. Part 1

Then I heard two more guys come down the hall. They apparently knew the guy in the adjoining booth because one of them asked “Have you seen any action here today?” to which came the reply “Yeah, there’s a young guy about 19 in the next booth pulling his frankfurt. Come and have a look.” All three of the guys alternated in peering through the hole, watching me wank. My cock was hard as rock and felt excellent. Then one of the guys slid his magnificent cock through the hole. I wrapped my hand round it and started massaging it with one hand, reserving the other hand to pleasure myself.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Men's Club. Part 1

Soon enough, however, I decided his cock merited closer examination, so I knelt down and swallowed him. I could hear him tell the other guys that I was sucking him off and then one of the other guys said “Move over and give me a go.” With that the cock was withdrawn and another cock was presented for my service, which, of course, I was happy to provide. After what seemed to be only a minute or two he removed his cock to be replaced by the next guy’s cock. I eagerly sucked the cocks of these three guys who were perfect strangers and who I couldn’t even see. I just kept sucking and occasionally would hear them telling each other to move over and take turns.

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  1. Nice to read gloryhole stories. I’ll go myself later tonight here in Finland,Helsinki gloryhole place which name is “Keltainen Ruusu”.

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