Big, garrulous, friendly, young.  His personality was so large that I didn’t notice the t-shirt until I looked at the snapshots later.

His sexual energy radiated.  It was difficult to get him to focus on the camera—he was constantly checking out the guys in the office.  And they were checking him out as well.


I tried to do some more formal shots, but his heart wasn’t in it. I gave up and took him back out into the general office. The sun was going down and he sat down on the floor in a shaft of light. Ohia, one of the office dogs, wandered over and checked him out.

Dewey interacting with Ohia.  They loved each other.

Ohia suddenly ran off. Dewey looked down and was silent for the longest time. I have no idea what he was thinking, but he seemed more open and vulnerable and present than at any other point during the shoot.


After he left, Nick told me that Dewey works for a non-profit in the Tenderloin.  He advises and counsels homeless kids.  I think he must be very good at his job.



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