He broke his arm in a bicycle accident.  The doctors had to operate and place pins in his arm.  Even though he was on pain killers during the shoot we had to be careful with the poses. Maybe because of the pain killers, different aspects of his personality seemed to float to the surface.  Sometimes he was formal, serious.  Sometimes he was more like a sweet boy.


You can see the remnants of the disinfectant on his left hand. By trade, he’s a gardener. His hands were tough and calloused. He had an energy about him that was amorous, erotic, playful but tough.

I’ll admit that I see a fairly astonishing number of nude men.  But it’s truly rare that I encounter an ass that is as enticing–hypnotizing–as Trey’s.  Here’s the mystery that enables a man to stand upright, to be human.  How is it possible for it to be warm, soft, capable of such pure attraction?


As I took snapshot after snapshot, he kept shifting his weight and moving his hand. I’m sure it had something to do with his physical discomfort, the pain from his arm. But every move he made highlighted the perfection of his ass in a new way.

Aside from his broken arm, the only remnant of his accident was the slight abrasion on his left hip.


I’m still struggling with this new camera and we took lots of breaks to move lights and give me a chance to figure out how to use the camera. At one point we had to move this long aluminum pole. Trey took it and squatted and there it was, the only picture I wanted.

I couldn’t tell if I was looking at a hunter, a warrior—or Peter Pan. It turned out to be the last shot I took that day.


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