An Anthology 15 Years In The Making…

The PLANTIN’ SEED trilogy of videos is something I’m very proud of and am happy to release as a complete set. Whether you’re hankering to introduce some young buck to the wild, wet ‘n’ wicked world of manfucking, or just want to sit back in your easy chair and stroke to hours and hours of sublime spurt-satiation, the PLANTIN SEED ANTHOLOGY will fit the bill perfectly.Honest-to-god gallons of spooge were planted from a horde of studs deep inside the hungry guts of wanton manwhores. Wanna celebrate manhood? Get the Anthology! Wanna understand the Cult of TIM? Give this parcel o’ porn a good, long gander.

– Paul Morris 

“The Plantin’ Seed trilogy is an essential part of the live culture of mansex. It was a pleasure making all three of the vids, and I’m sure it’ll be a pleasure to own and watch them.” – Paul Morris

  1. This is one of the many many reasons the I love TIM PORN. You have it all. This is definitely the one stop shop for Hot, Rough, Raw mansex. Fuckin Hot men, enjoying what they do best, FUCKING. That’s why I’m a member of the TIM Cult. Follower for life.This is for everyone at TIM. Keep doing what you’re doing, Great fucking job.

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