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Hey, horny guys out there.

This week I’ll be writing about the power of Will (and I’m not talking about that hot young Welsh boy I fucked in the office toilets this week, hehe, promise).

I was speaking to a friend the other week about how to stay out of trouble, as often we men find ourselves in, well, “questionable” circumstances, to say the least. (Having said that, a lot of these places are, of course, often very horny indeed.) One doesn’t always want to get into trouble, as it might get to be too much after a while (yes, even for me, lol). So that’s where the tricky part comes in: what does one do to stay out of trouble?

One way I’ve dealt with things in the past, and still do to a certain extent, is to stay super busy, always having projects and different exciting things going for me. The obvious benefit of this is that you have less time to be naughty, and you are less bored and more tired.

This all seems fine and works pretty well for me, as there are so many things I want to do anyhow. But my friend presented me with another problem: what does one do if one doesn’t KNOW what one wants to do?

This thought had never crossed my mind. Trying to think back to see if there actually was a time when I didn’t know what I wanted to do, I realised that I have always wanted to do things very strongly, and I generally work really hard to try to achieve them. Obviously I don’t always succeed, as I still haven’t been to the moon, nor have I been in a helicopter, or sung a pop song (god forbid–with my Swedish muppet voice that would be something, lol).

The problem remains: how does one fight boredom and non-will and stay out of trouble? The thing that comes to mind is the only thing I can think of suggesting, which is that it actually doesn’t matter what one does or what one wants, as long as one just DOES things. The will (in this case, at least) doesn’t actually have to be too involved; as long as you stay busy and get tired and have less time available, it will limit the trouble time, I think.

On an inspirational note, there are so many creative things we can do: write (poems, diaries, books, etc.) paint, draw, travel, visit museums, read, etc.–enough to fill a lifetime.

Anyhow this week has been quiet on the sexual front. Had a few boys in the office toilets, and am desperately trying to chat up one of the builders installing scaffolding outside our building to repair the roof (wish me luck). Apart from that, I had a horny older dude suck me off in the park toilets the other day.

We’ve been really busy finalising the music video for Rosa Lux – MONSTERS, and I have to say it’s looking mighty fine. A bit somber and thoughtful. I’ll show you soon, promise!

I’ve also been editing my new book, which is a compilation of a year’s TIM blogs. I think I’m gonna do it just as a really simple pocket-sized, text-only book. I’m trying to get Liam Cole to illustrate the cover for it. Any suggestions of what it should be?

Oh and soon we are relocating the London TIM office, so this weekend we will be carrying loads of boxes. It’ll be fun, hehe.

Till next.



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  1. Well said!!! My ‘problem’ being, I’ve been on disability since 31, 4 over 20 years…& the gym is often my ONLY activity/social outlet So I can get REALLY frustrated–which is NOT synonymous w/ horny…ALL the time, butt kinda ends up that way…UGH!!!

    As a consequence, while getting ‘too old’—well, if I were ‘less picky’, hung-up on wanting MORE than impersonal quickies (NO judgements, just NOT MY ‘thing’..!!!)–to get much opportunity to fuk around, so my head/imagination goes WILD & possibly/probably ‘OVER-states’ wht my IMAGINATION dreams of & what I really want/can handle/am ready to follow thru on…. NOT to say the things I say, share, suggest aren’t ‘real’ or sincere, only probably needing some ‘lead-in’/prep-4-play/coaxing to FULLY actualize, as once I’m actually confronted w/ a stud & his horny dick, my head ‘takes over’ & starts reeling….


    I’m NOT ‘INTO’ being spanked, butt, I DO LUV the play, affection, horny, lust-fueled, firm hand of my Top ‘teasing’ my ass-cheeks, potentially, off-&-on, throughout a full, even ALL-day ‘session’; &, if carried on 4 a while, until my cheeks grow warm, a bit rosey, even tingly, or buzzing, or even THROBBING, softly.

    NOT into spit, except as lube 4 UR cock or MY ass-hole, but find DROOL very sexy, arousing, potentially mind-blowingly THRILLING, especially if U ‘taunt’ me by SHOWING me ur ‘BIG wad’–feel free to apply the appropirate double entrendre…I LUV a stud & his BIG ‘WAD”!!!–then sucking it back into ur mouth, then ‘dangling’ it over me, a bit lower, & sucking it back until I’m THRASHING w/ WILD desperation!!! Only after a through ‘give-n-take play do u finally let ur BIG wad slowly wind it’s LONG journey to my now trembling, eager lips & tongue…!

    & piss–probable 1 of the BIGGEST, ‘iffy’ obsessions/adDICKtions!!! I’m definitely NOT some indiscriminating, piss-piggy, hanging out in bar bathrooms, begging 4 anonymous piss-feeders!!!! Butt, I HAVE explored what began as a pure, curious fantasy, then a blissfully eXXXplored afternoon w/ my ‘ex’–he was my ‘current’ @ that time!!–where he sat on the toilet, naked, his legs spread, WIDE, his (now, Anton/fellow readers, realize, I was–hopefully over, now…but probably not, even 15 years later!!! Part of me STILL WANTS 2 just WORSHIP him thru his cock, endlessly!!!!–insanely attracted to, devoted to, aroused by, in lust w/ the man/bastard/fuk’r, so, being on my knees, hungry 4 HIS cock, ACHING 2 have him STUFF–I mean, STUFF!!!!!!)–my mouth FULL of his cock, & then just nurse 4 HOURS, his cock frequently ‘feeding me’ fluid from HIS hard cock–YES, HE COULD piss w/ a CHUBBY!!! a HUGE + & turn-on!!!–in nice, SMALL, perfectly controlled, ‘measured’ does or HOT, sexy AROUSING ‘spurts’, the piss–
    a nice, MILD, mid-afternoon, heavy ‘beer-recycle’ fluid that actually tasted as mild & sweet as I had hoped/heard it can be…–& I was SOOOOO turned-on 2 be sucking HIS cock, THRILLING 2 each, w/held, tantalizing ‘SPURT’, as if his CHUBBY kept CUMMING, over & over 4 HOURS in my mouth…I was MORE eager 2 be HIS ‘piss-piggy’, MUCH more than HE wanted 2 be feeding me piss, instead, making me feel REALLY dirty–in a BAD way!!–& slutty–also in a BAD way!! I’ve watch enuf piss-scenes by now to KNOW that many–the sensual, bonding, intimate piss scenes make me ROCKHARD & horny-as-fuk 2 find a stud w/ a cock that LIKES 2 feed & adDICKt his mate 2 on-going piss-scenes, butt, as HOT as I CAN find that kind of intimate play, also KNOW I am just into the occassional, ‘afternoon play session’ of erotic, sensual play every now & again, definitely curious about trying to be ‘piss-fuk’d’ (hear it feels AMAZING…?!!!) butt NOT sure I can handle, let alone like, & KNOW I’m NOT into random, anonymous ‘piggy’ scenes.

    Then there’s my most recent ‘fart-fantasy’…am I INTO sniffing random farts…? I KNOW I’m not!! However, I DO have a longheld, previously unconsidered & pushed-back fantasy of a really HOT buddy–gotta be HOT, cocky, playful, mischivous yet a GREAT guy that just finds he’s ‘better’ @ expressing HIS affection…@ first!!!…by ‘goofing around’, including him shoving his HOT–did I mention I LUV ass?!!! ‘cuz I LUV ass!!!–ass into my face, really pressing my nose up into his ass-crack–propbably, @ least @ first…clothed, then briefly clad in his skin-tight, classic tighty-whities, then butt-naked, maybe–probably!!–in time, squatting down on my face, GRINDING his hairy, sweaty ass-crack all over my face–the way I LUV eating an ass!!!!–& letting a playful fart rip in my face as he chortles his ‘naughty’ glee that I’m being ‘forced’ 2 SNIFF it…butt, by then the ‘game’, our ‘roles’, the AFFECTIONATE bond we now have, he KNOWS I LUV this ‘game’, because it’s ‘HOW’ he shows his affection 4 his best buddy b-4 we get TOO HOT-&-heavy into the ‘real HEAT’ of HOT, raw sex!! I realize I may HATE ‘sniffin’ farts’, am SURE I will IF he’s mean about it or trying 2 make me feel ‘sick’, or trashy or ‘less than’, or beneath/below him & his level!!! But CAN imagine it becumming a ‘reglular’ TRIGGER, INSTANT turn-on, constant ‘bonding ritual’ that cums 2 drive ME nutz, right up until he’s ‘gassing me out under the sheets’ some nights, of course, @ first just ‘an accident’ of him feeling ‘gassy’ & turning it into a ‘naughty nuisance’, butt then it becums sexy 4-play. Because I’M a SERIOUS ‘sucker’ 4 playful affection, have a HUGE, pre-/teen ‘game’ I missed in the day (seems young boys just got such perverse, ‘immature’ JOY out of farting as well as ‘tormenting’ their buddies…), butt saw & envied… & feel like I missed-out on & want to experience that stupid, ‘immature’, ‘frat-boi’ crudeness as PART of our sexual fun!! I KNOW it’s a part of that ‘naughtiness’ U mentioned in other musings regarding porn & WHY it turns u/us on, that as a young man was TOO embarASSed & ‘grossed-out’/SHOCKED by to appreciate & NOW wish I had enjoyed because of the BONDING, &, of course, my LUV of a mate’s ass IN my face!!!

    After ALL that, u’re robably asking, “Ummm, dude, ur point, again, was..?”

    Well, back 2 WILL & time…. I have LOTS of time, much spent online, ‘venting’ my ‘frustration’ of TOO much time & too little activity–of ALL kinds!!!–leading me to possibly/probably OVER-promise REAL interests, curiosities, fantasies, ‘probables’ & ‘possibles’ I am interested in, but may ‘freak out’ when called upon, @ least TOO quickly/harshly/coldly/brutishly, while I have few doubts I could beCUM quite a ‘tashy, slutty, voracious lttle piggy’ given the right opportunity. TMI??


  2. Hey Anton I agree but sometimes the will (willie) wants what it wants, so occasionally your have to let will (willie) have his way….LOL…..Love reading your chronicles….Have a good week….and remember to let will (willie) out to play….hahaha…..

    1. Hehe yeah that’s very true, my Willys will power is very strong, that’s why I’m back on Grindr again prowling the online streets for cocksuckers hehe

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