Chronicles of a London CumPig || A Nightcreature No More?

Chronicles of a London CumPig || A Nightcreature No More?


Hey, all you eager buggers and horny folks.

Hope you’ve had an interesting week so far. Mine has been up and down, to be honest, with horny, wild sex and arguments, lol. There’s always a bit of butting heads with the hubby when he gets back from such a long trip, as we have very different agendas and likes to do, etc.

So instead of having a nice and relaxed long bank holiday together, I ended up alone, wandering aimlessly around Victoria Park and by the canal. There was some sort of gay concert in the park that cost £40 to get in, soo expensive… Anyhow, it made me a tad sadder to see all the happy gay friends wandering into the big tents together.

After I got back home and gave a bit of my favourite hurt “silent treatment” feeling, I left for the sauna, although I wasn’t feeling horny or sexy at all. Back in the day, the saunas always used to cheer me up. Wandering around the dark corridors, passing cubicle after cubicle with horny eager men of all size and shapes, I settled on a new section of the gym that was like a tiled large sloped bed or sofa. Lying down to rest, I almost fell asleep in the heat and hardly noticed the two men who started to play with my soft willy.


Finally they woke me up from my dozing and I got fully hard, watching them take turns deepthroating me. It was still kinda strange though, almost as if I wasn’t quite there yet but was watching it from the side, like being one of the other older gentlemen standing around us, wanking and eagerly, attentively watching the action.

And then BOOM: a bearded muscle guy slapped his big, hard cock in my face. With nowhere else to go in the funky-lit, crowded room, I obliged the alpha male and took his large penis deep into my mouth. While he facefucked me hard I felt this sort of slut-liberation, a passiveness that leapt out of me; I just wanted to please this man. He could have done anything to me and I would have let him.

He pulled out his wet cock from my mouth. At the same time I lay back in the supporting arms of my fellow cocksuckers and shot my big load all over my chest, the alpha spurted all his warm jizz all over my face and body. The other males around me started to lick my body and chest and I let them. Eager like hungry wolves, they ate me up and left the bits to rot in the dark. I was alone again.


Then I went to the showers and went home and slept lol.

The day after, we went to an event in Area my hubby had to attend. It was a dark club with a mix of strange, young, effeminate drag-boys (for lack of a better word to describe them) and half-naked muscle boys in the next room. And I felt nothing. No excitement, no joy, no disappointment–nothing. It was really strange, I used to feel naughty when I went out late at night, like a night creature hunting for pray–all senses aware and nothing would pass me by without a hungry look or pleasure-seeking smile.

This time there was nothing. Looking out of the VIP section of the club, if anything I felt sadness. It was a strange night, pleasant enough but not what I had expected. I kept thinking of other things, like how I have to remember to put my umbrella in the bag in case it rains tomorrow, etc.

I thought all my naughty Nightcreature adventures were over…until last night. Chatting on all those apps the whole day, in spite of having other things to do, I found myself persuading a sexy 24 year old guy to meet me by the canal at midnight.

He arrived five minutes late. He told me he had only had sex with five different guys, and ten times with the last one. I thought, “Let’s change this.”

We had arranged for me to suck him as he was neg and didn’t wanna catch anything, and I was looking forward to tasting his boy-juice. Well hidden under the dark bridge, we pulled out our cocks and I went down on my knees, swallowing his rock hard cock to its base, working it well as it got harder and harder. The boy looked nervously around: there were some canal boats with dimly lit windows close by but no one around and we were left alone to play. He breathed in and came a big load deep inside my mouth; I tried to swallow it all, got as much as I could and the rest leaked out.

We zipped up and left different ways. Walking down the dark alley back home, I crossed a black cat. She looked at me (all cats are females, right?), and nodded.

I thought to myself, I’m still a Nightcreature at heart, hehe.

Next week, Berlin!!!

Till then.



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  1. Gay concert for 40£? It wasn’t Madonna, was she??:D:D is there anybody who is piggy like “uncle” Anton just here in Prague? Im waity 😀

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