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drewI love street trade.

I was recently in NYC. Walking down the street on a warm, drizzly spring night, I ran into a hot French guy who was really randy. We walked a bit talking about what we would do if we could just find a place. He said that he was uncut and large.

I just happened to be cleaned out because I was ready for a big night. I thought for a minute and said that if he was really horny, and wanted to dump a load, I would gladly take it. So we walked a little more and looked around for a dark alleyway or a wall to duck behind.

Thinking about seeing his big cock and getting it inside me, made me want it even more. He wasn’t a particularly large guy, but I had a feeling that he was packing, so I definitely wanted to find out.


I asked him if he shoots a big load and he said yea. I asked if he could cum quick, and he said he was so horny, he would definitely cum quick. So, I looked around more aggressively for a spot. Bingo! I found the perfect public spot. It was a curved walkway going from the street up to an office building, with walls reaching up about 10 feet. As if I wasn’t turned on by thinking about taking random street meat and load, I was doing it on the street! And in the drizzling rain!

He opened his pants and stroked that cock. It was indeed large. And uncut. (This means easier entry and smoother gliding) I pulled my pants down enough to get his hard cock inside me and he slipped it in. He thrust a few good thrusts and wouldn’t you know it?! Someone comes walking up the driveway next to this secluded walkway. We stopped for a second and the person kept moving on. I turned back around and Frenchie shoved his cock back in and started pumping that load right in my ass. Whew! That was hot! And quick! I think the whole thing took less that the amount of time it has taken you to read this story.


As for me, I went back to the hotel where my travel buddy was waiting and started to take out my frustrations on his ass. All the while, enjoying having the load swimming around in my ass was giving me that extra little push of horniness that helped me get through the marathon fuck session we enjoyed for the next several hours.


Wanna hear about that marathon fuck session? Oh, stay tuned! It’s a-cummin!



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