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Hey, you all!

This week I spent mostly in the cool European city of Berlin. We had been invited by my awesome friend and organiser/manager/producer Simon for the launch party of the MONSTERS music video by Rosa Lux. It was being held at the super cool Berghain Kantine, which is sort of a cute, smaller outbuilding next to the huge venue of Berghain.

In typical Berlin laid back style, everything seemed to be arranged and come together for the launch at the very last minute. For example, Simon’s cute bf was ironing the make-do projection screen (a white sheet with fixed batons at top and bottom) five minutes before the premiere.

The launch party went well and the crowd that gathered seemed to enjoy the video and read a lot of left wing messages in it, which is all very well and good. We stayed till around 2-3 am, I think it was, and by this time I had got some blowjobs in the toilets from two cute guys, one very tall and one who was a dancer. The dancer had approached me earlier on the dance floor where I’d been standing with my cape half over one bare shoulder, trying to look mysterious but failing of course. “Who are you?” the boy said. I didn’t answer, so he kissed me and danced off into the mist on the dance floor.

Well, I decided to go home to bed while my friends went to some other party where they had darkrooms (like most places in Berlin, it turns out, hehe). But I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to control myself from not cumming, and I was going to film a scene two days later and wanted to be fit for fight, hehe.

I had the day after to myself and spent most of it alone in this gorgeous little flat with the sunshine pouring in through the large balcony windows. I didn’t hear from my friends the whole day, and by night time I was really bored. So in true Anton style I had to invite a horny boy over. I didn’t feel I could invite him into my friends’ flat, though, so I suggested to the boy we go to the basement instead. He hesitated but the twitching cock in my pants persuaded him otherwise, and we found ourselves down in the basement.

He quickly went down on his knees and eagerly deepthroated me. He was so cute in his little cap, I was close of cumming, but I held back. I pulled him up instead and bent him over, spat in his boyhole and rammed my cock in there. He moaned loudly with pleasure so, in order not to be heard, I gagged him with my hand from behind while I pounded him hard. His hole was perfect, one of those bums that grips your cock and pulls it deeper and deeper, and when you pull out it just drags you back in. Again I was so close to shooting my big, saved-up load in him, but I managed to hold back and pulled out.

I suggested we go for a walk, so we went to the area close by for a burger and he had a beer.

On the way back we passed a park overlooking the river that I had crossed earlier in the day between the rainfalls, and we went to sit on a bench for a bit. Of course he started kissing me and I got horny, pulled out my cock again and he started cleaning it with his mouth, polishing it off to perfection. So good were his deepthroating skills I had to stop him and we walked further into the bushes, where I bent him over a tree and pushed my rod deep into his eager hole. I told him to wank himself and a few minutes later he came, shooting a big white load in the dimly lit park. I felt his ass clenching at every ejaculation and quickly had to pull out of him before he milked me off too. We kissed goodbye and I went to bed.

Saturday afternoon I arrived to Wurstfilm’s cool studios to film the scene, all set and ready. They dressed me up in a handyman outfit (pics on my blog). Aha, I thought, story plot, bless. It wasn’t anything very elaborate but still a bit cheesy, lol. The boy I fucked had a really hot bum and he whispered some dirty secrets to me that I found so horny I fucked him hard and good.

The scene went smoothly and fairly quick, finished in only an hour and 15 min, and after I had sandwiches. Turns out this was the last scene they were filming in these studios as they had been forced out of there, I think due to increased rents or something. Anyhow, I unloaded my big saved-up load in the boy’s arse and it was such a relief of built up pressure, I got exhausted after, lol.

On my way back home I passed by Nollendorfplatz and a little shop with cruising at the back called Jaxx, and believe it or not I got an instant hard-on again, remembering all the fun I had in those glory holes hehe.

€7 poorer I found myself in there with pants down and my rock hard cock poking through the glory holes. Testing out 3-4 guys’ mouths while I watched the TIM porn streaming on the TVs on the side, I settled for one amazing sucker who could hold my cock deep inside him for an eternity, it seemed. I rewarded his skills with yet another white load, and he eagerly lapped up every drop. I left happy.

On my way out, the video shop guy said he recognised me from somewhere. When I asked which head he recognised more, he smiled knowingly and said probably the lower one…

Afterwards I joined my friends for dinner in a French restaurant with the menus only in German, of course. It was really lovely, though. We went to a bar where they had the closing event for a gay film festival but I was exhausted and had to leave for London the morning after, so I made my excuses and swished away in my cape back home.

However, I couldn’t help myself logging onto Grindr one last time, and this time I was getting chatted up by a really cute blond Aussie boy who wanted to suck my “pornstar” cock, as he called it, hehe. I told him it’s just a normal man cock and that I wasn’t anything special, just a normal lad. Anyhow he wanted it bad and when he showed me some more pics, I couldn’t help it but I got horny again, lol, blush.

He came over and we went down to the basement, where he eagerly started to suck my big cock. He did such a good job I almost came at once, but before that I got the chance to kiss his sweet, innocent lips. (I really love kissing but I don’t do it that often; only those really special guys get that, hehe…) I got ready to shoot, pushed him down on his knees, and came all over his face. I let the boy out the back door and went to bed in the flat, ready for the early flight back to London—night Berlin, morning London.

I’m writing this on my way to work now. I passed the tube cruising toilet, popped in, got a good blowjob, and sucked off a handsome suit-clad gentleman with a massive cock. Took his load well in my mouth while shooting mine down the gutter at the same time…

Anyhow, miss you already, Berlin (hehe)…

Till next time, you horny boys and men!!!



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