I had traded a couple of emails with a male/male couple my age. 2 guys in good shape,. Both former military. One of them was a top, the other versatile is what they said. I showed up and met the taller one, the top, while his friend was finishing up a project outside. We sat and talked for a bit until the anticipation got too much for me.

He went to get a drink and when he walked back in the room I stood up and started rubbing his crotch. I could feel he was already hard under his jeans. After a little rubbing I unsnapped and eased his jeans down. Out sprang a very nice, very thick cock. I wanted to stroke him some but couldn’t resist kneeling down and getting a close look at him. Without any teasing, or lead up, I put that nice dick as far into my throat as I could, but could only take about two thirds of him. I started sucking and stroking him; he felt great in my mouth.


While I was enjoying sucking him, his partner came in and immediately dropped his pants and walked over. His partner’s cock was smaller but was rock hard too. Now I had two cocks in my face, like a fantasy come true. I alternated sucking both of them for quite some time until one of them stood me up and removed my pants and went down on me. The guy was great at it. I’m pretty long but he took my cock right to the hilt. We alternated sucking each other until the shorter guy got on all fours in front of me.

I bent over and touched my tongue to his hole and he groaned loud. Figuring that was as good an invitation as any, I started tonguing his ass deep. He was clean and it tasted great, plus I was getting a great reaction from him, he was moaning and pushing his ass back against me. His taller buddy disappeared for a minute and then I heard him come back in the room behind me. He watched for a bit, then I felt him rub some lube on my cock. He gently pulled my cock towards his buddy until my dick was touching his spit wet ass. No one had mentioned condoms but I figured this is the way they wanted it and pushed forward. The guys ass was tight and hot. I stopped a few times to let him get used to it and kept working in until he had me all.


His partner was behind me and put his hands on my hips and started pulling me back and pushing me forward, using my cock to fuck his buddy. With him urging me on from behind, it wasn’t long before I was fucking the guy pretty hard, he was loving it, and it did feel good. After a bit of this I felt his partner’s lubed cock rubbing against my ass. I reached back and smeared his cock head on my hole to spread the lube. I also noticed his cock was bare but figured if they trusted me to bareback his buddy, the least I could do was take the same. I went forward, balls deep in his buddy, reached back and pulled him towards me. He took the invitation and started easing his thick piece in me. I rarely get fucked and had to stop him twice. I felt like my ass was being split wide open.

After a few minutes, I was finally able to get all of him inside me and I was seeing stars. I was stretched about as tight as I’ve ever been and at the same time, his buddy’s ass had a vice grip on my cock. The guy behind me pulled about halfway out but instead of shoving his pole back in me, he pulled my hips back towards him. As his dick entered me deep, mine was pulled out of his buddy. He pushed and pulled my hips and got into a perfect rhythm. He was fucking me pretty good and every time he pulled away, my cock was shoved into his buddy. We fucked like this for 10 or 15 minutes, probably the best feeling fuck I’ve ever had.


Then my inner slut came out and I started asking him to cum in me. He stopped and said, only if you cum in my partner. Taking the offer I started fucking the guy hard again, and the harder I fucked him, the harder I was getting fucked. A minute or two later I was ready. I went deep and my balls started emptying into him. I came as hard as I ever have and quite a few seconds too. As soon as I finished filling up his buddy, he jammed that thick piece in me really hard a few times, went balls deep himself and I could feel his cock swell and start jerking. He pumped as big a load in me and I had given his buddy. We took a break got dressed and I walked kind of funny back to my car. When I got home my underwear were soaked where the guys load trickled out of me during the ride.

Courtesy of Breedingzone. 

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