Chronicles of a London CumPig || The Clinic Part 2 & Other Random Thoughts

Hey, horny fuckers.

Hope you’ve all had a wicked week so far. Here are some random thoughts of mine:

I started reading a new book this week–Heart of Darkness, by Joseph Conrad. It’s a very interesting, thoughtful tale of a journey through Africa in the early colonial era. Together with the general events of this week, the people I’ve met and the dreams I’ve had, it has put me in a very thoughtful mode.

My little weekly conclusion is that it’s all human. No matter where we live, how we live and in what time of our fairly long history as a race, it’s all the same when it comes down to it: we all get born, grow up, develop, eat, shit, make love, fuck like rabbits, have bad times and good times, successes and failures.

But overall, it doesn’t really matter. All our individualities and quirks come to the same end: we all die, after all. And no one knows what happens after that, whether we simply disappear into nothing, or if our little spirits goes somewhere (presumably a by now very over-crowded place), or if our souls get reused somehow in a new incarnation, as most of the natural world seems to be reused in some ways… Oh, I don’t know, lol.

I popped in for a check-up at the clinic today. It’s interesting the people you see in the waiting room (note: these are fictional backstories from my imagination to pass the waiting time, lol):

 The arguing gay couple, where one of them obviously had been a bit too friendly with someone else… Oh dear–and oh so pretty, both of them.

 The gay muscle jock, looking ever so confident but with staring eyes, realising with fear that that little club backroom toilet fuck last week might have other consequences than the pure pleasure of the moment.

 The overly camp business boy in his newly pressed suit trousers, nonchalantly asking the nurse if he’s at the right desk, looking overly cheerful and matter of fact, and twisting his little ankles nervously at the same time.

 The timid older man, thinking maybe he shouldn’t have done what he did in that sauna last week.

 The handsome, skinny, geeky, pale East London boy, with some stunning tattoos on his neck and bare arms, reading some obscure literature from a long gone era.

 The large bear with a huge beard, tall as a house, wandering slowly through the waiting room, looking for somewhere to sit down and going for the sofa in the end.

 The older Asian guy who, even though he’s well over 50, still looks about 20. He doesn’t look like he cares either way of the results, he just looks so bored.

 Then me.

 And a lost looking woman, who must have thought she’d entered the Village People or something, poor soul, hehe.

 Oh and I almost forgot:, the bisexual mid aged guy who couldn’t decide which one he was going to rest his eyes on, flickering from the woman to the muscle guy, hehe–with a guilty frown on his face everyone he looked at the man.

All these lives, so very different but all so much the same; all our little petty worries, our agonies and pains, and it’s all the same.

I got bored of waiting so I went out for a bit, to see a friend who lives nearby. We chilled for a bit till he pressed his horny, tight boyhole against my cock and I fucked him good and hard and raw, hehe. (When the nurse asked me when I had sex last, I was honest: “5 minutes ago.” He looked a bit surprised, lol.)

Me and the hubby are going to Kefalonia, Greece next week. It will be so nice to have a little get-away sunshine holiday, hehe. Can’t wait to lie by the pool and read a good book (while burning my back, no doubt, lol…).

Anyhow, sorry for a bit of a maybe depressing post this week. I think of it in an optimistic way, though–that how it all being the same is a good thing, ’cause instead of getting hung up on details it means we can distance ourselves mentally from things that might need a greater perspective, if you see what I mean. Sorry, I’m not so good at explaining, but please feel free to ask and I will try to explain better.

All the best and big hugs till next week.



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  1. Excuse me ,are u really no sex with dean monroe in ur relationship now ? Who is he in yeallow ? ”on the greeks” pic thx

    1. Hey, yeah me and Dino (dean) haven’t had sex for ten years lol (we used to date properly for five years before than), but than we just became best friends. And a couple of years back decided to get civil partnership to show we cared for one another, but in a brother type of way, like family if u see what I mean. We don’t fancy each other sexually in that way anyhow lol.

      Oh that’s Leo Domenic
      Hugs Anton

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