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One beautiful spring day, I was in Atlanta. I had been in the South visiting family and I was flying in and out of the Atlanta airport. Mainly because I like the naughtiness I can get into in Atlanta. They don’t call it HotLanta for nothing! But on this particular day, I was super horny and got myself into all kinds of naughtiness.

It was the last day I was spending in Atlanta and my flight was at 4pm. I’m pretty good at finding trouble, so I went on a hunt. This story makes my hard every time I tell it. As a matter of fact, it’s making me hard as I write this story. I went to a dirty bookstore that has an arcade underneath the main store. I started walking around and, pretty much, just showing off. I’d walk into an area with a crowd and start stroking my cock. It was my perma-hard cock, that happens when I’m really turned on. I wasn’t really finding much that I wanted to play with, but I still wanted to play. I kept looking.


Suddenly, I saw this really cute guy who was tall with light colored hair. He was your all American looking kind of guy. Trim, cute, wholesome. What we did was anything BUT wholesome… ok, maybe HOLE-some!

Anyway, we saw each other and circled back around for a closer look. Without much thinking, we started to grope each other and I reached around and grabbed his butt. He stuck it up in the air. I knew what he wanted. I was definitely game!

I asked him if he wanted to go into a booth and he said that there were private rooms upstairs. They were in the same part of the building, so we didn’t have to go outside. I said, “Lead the way.”

Once upstairs, we found an empty room and I just started taking his clothes off. His cock was so big, that I was thinking about how nice it would feel in my ass. But he would have none of it! He wanted my cock in his ass and all my cum, too! I positioned him on his knees and started fucking him. There wasn’t much more to it than that. I wanted his hole and he wanted my cock. I spit on my hard cock and shoved it in. This bitch was already lubed up! I started fucking him and he felt so good!


Suddenly, the door handle jiggles and comes open. It was another dude who wanted in on the action. I didn’t stop, though. Watching the new guy stroke his big cock while I fucked the hell out of the cute boy I’d found was making me even hotter! I was ready to shoot my wad, so I told him that I was gonna breed his ass. He said, “YES!” and grabbed my hips and held me inside of him, like a good greedy pig. The other guy was ready to take his turn on the sweet sloppy hole I had just bred, and he climbed on top and went to town. He blew his load while I watched. Then, he left and I had a chance to talk with the power bottom.


Come to find out, he was heading to the airport, also. This is where I start getting my second wind. We were leaving from the same terminal. His flight was at 5 and mine was at 6. I had to return my rental car and get to the terminal as quickly as possible. I wanted another crack at that hole.

Once I arrived at the airport, I texted him and found that he was still waiting to board his plane. I said meet me in the bathroom, and he told me that there was a family restroom with a lock on the door by a certain gate. I headed in that direction. HOT! I knocked on the door and he opened up. I spit on my cock and started teasing his hole with the head of my dick. Then, I slid in and started to fuck him. He was leaned up against the counter and the mirror was showing everything. I fucked him for a few minutes and blew another load deep in his still sloppy cum hole. He could finally board his flight – probably sitting next to someone’s grandmother who had no clue that he had at least 3 loads in his ass. What a day! I set out to get into some trouble and I found it!

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