CUMSLOPPY STORY || Submitting To A Dom

It all happened in less that 24 hours

We traded some messages on A4A, within a few i was referring to him as SIR. He was come to my town the next morning. He got down to business in the messages by getting me to exchange numbers.

I awoke to the message that he’d be in town at such and such time and where could he meet me. I gave him a location close to my house, but he had to be at work a 1/2 hour later. Said he did not have to be driving around town. In our messages he said he knew of some empty offices where he worked.

45 minutes later i was heading over to some 1970’s style office complex right off a main road in town. he called and said he’d be a few minutes late. So we had about 25 minutes before he needed to be at his office. i followed him into the building as he pulled out keys to open the outside door. On the left of the hallway was about 4-5 offices of businesses looking to save money on rent. On the right was where a business had been but long since departed.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Submitting To A Dom

SIR went in there. I followed, and he closed the door. SIR took me to an inner office with just a small window that was covered in wetness from the rain and summer humidity. SIR opened his pants, and put is right hand to my left shoulder, pushing down. “Suck it” was all he said. It was not the biggest cock, but his body was everything he advertised…5’10”, athletic, smooth. I soon found how attracted I was to his athletic thighs and calves and he held my head completely on his cock. He took off his shirt and pushed his pants down. He reached for my ass. I undid my dress slacks.

Now he had access to my hole and he began to finger it. “Good boi….nice” was about all he said. I asked permission to strip for SIR. Permission granted I took off my dress shirt and layed it carefully to not wrinkle it. I pulled my pants down around my ankles as he worked my hole.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Submitting To A Dom

SIR pulled me up, turned me around and told me he was going to fuck my nice ass. I asked to kiss SIR. He did, but it was closed lipped, okay whatever. I then grabbed my ankles and let SIR have what he came for that morning….a BJ and ass. he was fucking me hard in a standing position for about 5 minutes. He got a little soft so he put my mouth back on his cock.

In short time he was hard again…”on all fours”

From there in a downward doggie he fucked my hole hard. it must have been the right angle for his 2″ shorter height to me. within minutes SIR had tapped my inner cumslut as he said “I’m cumming”. I reached for his balls and held them to my ass. As he pulled, I said “you bred me.” “I did boi” was all he said. My finger found my hole and felt his moisture. Instinctively, I tasted him from my digit. “Can i clean SIR?” and SIR said “ur a good boi” I did it well.

CUMSLOPPY STORY || Submitting To A Dom

SIR began to get dressed as i stroked my cock. He proceeded to tell me how he breeds his bois and soon i was shooting all over my fist as i did not want to get SIR’s clothes cummed up. I jokingly asked him if he brought a towel. SIR was kind enough to go to the restroom and get me some toilet paper. I stood there in the abandoned office with cum in my ass and on my hand as workers were starting to show up for their day.

SIR was gone from the parking lot by the time I cleaned up in the restroom, and I headed to work.

1/2 hour later I entered my office feeling a wetness that was entirely foreign to me. So, I headed to the restroom, pulled my pants down in the stall, and discovered in my new white boxer briefs SIR’s gift to me.

Courtesy of Breedingzone. 

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