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He’s only visiting San Francisco and dropped in for a quick shoot.  He’s very serious about astrology and is looking for a mentor to teach him more.

He’s a self-described gay sex-positive slut. Of course, I immediately loved him. He talked about trying his best to build community among men his age—he’s 23—using sex as a way of sharing and communicating.

I honestly believe that you can tell as much about a man’s character and personality from his genitals as you can from his face. I have a compulsive need–whenever I photograph a man–to get as close to his cock as possible. I always take dozens of close-ups. Usually I ask them to put their hands close to their cock: how they hold themselves is also telling.


As long as I live I’ll never lose my absolute fascination with and love for the genitals of men.

Lately I’ve been asking men to give me poses that spread their legs. Sometimes they refuse or are awkward with the idea. This young man went into this pose, pulling his legs as far apart as they’d go.

I think a man like this is a treasure. He allows his body to be sexually enjoyed by any man who needs him. This is generous, loving and brave.


  1. I work as a professional Uranian astrologer–send him my way and I’d be happy to share my wealth of knowledge about the unknown worlds and advanced techniques.

  2. I met this character when I was at a faerie gathering two years ago in Vermont. At the time, I think he was in grad school somewhere in New England. Maybe I made that part up. I can’t remember. But I do know that he is a loving soul, and a pleasure to speak to.

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