Kevin The Intern || Week One On THE Island

Hey TIMFans, meet Kevin, our summer intern…


After surviving my first day at TIM my nerves began to significantly calm down. I began learning everyone’s name and what role they played in the company. My greatest fantasy of meeting the man himself, Paul Morris, had yet to be lived out. The stories I had heard of this man both thrilled and frightened me ; would he take a liking to me or shoot me out a secret trap door where I would never be heard from again and inevitably have my mug placed on the side of milk cartons nation-wide? After all, this was the man that changed my life for the better. Growing up only ever knowing of a world, especially a gay world, where HIV was highly publicized as a negative side effect to an “alternative” life style kept me in fear and shame of my own self-identity as a gay man. Dawson’s 20 Load Weekend changed all of that for me. Watching this very attractive masculine man take cock after cock and load after load with no shame, guilt, or fear of the after effects or consequences shifted my paradigm of what gay sex was and could be forever.


At work I continued to work on projects and small tasks assigned to me by my boss Mitch. In return for my hard work I was given free access to some much needed porn. I used it to my advantage as often as I could. When friends would ask me what I did at TIM as an intern their first guess was that I was the office fluffer. Unfortunately for them, and myself, this was not the case… well not yet at least. That, I hoped, would be something I would work up to. I did run across some TIM exclusives while at the office and some who came in for a quick buck or those whose desire it was to be the next Dawson or Christian. Aside from projects around the office I helped with customer support. Many of the calls came from customers ordering or changing details of their orders during our buy one get one sale. I had no Idea that one Wednesday afternoon I would be speaking with 2 of my Idols; Liam Cole and the Man himself Paul Morris.


The first call came from Liam. I knew it was him before he even said his name. I answered as I normally do and politely asked who it was and whom they wished to speak to. Liam was looking to speak with Paul but unfortunately Paul was not in the office, so we chatted a big longer. I was delighted with excitement that I was lucky enough to speak briefly with Liam Cole. A few hours later, out of nowhere I get another unexpected call. “Good afternoon Treasure Island Media this is Kevin, how can I help you?”. A moment of silence passed before I heard “Kevin?!?! Who is Kevin.” Nervously I answered, um I’m Kevin, I’m new here. It was him; Paul Morris. He wanted to speak with someone who was out of the office. I apologized and let him know that person was unavailable and offered to transfer to someone else he accepted but before I was able to transfer he stated that he would be in the office the next week and would be looking forward to meeting me. I transferred the call. My palms began to sweat and my heart raced like the first day of school or a first date. My dreams were finally becoming a reality. I was going to meet him; the man who changed my life.

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  1. Hey Kevin…..Congrats on your internship….you lucky fucker. Interning for THE BEST Porn site in the industry….Dude, you’re going to have one fucking awesome summer.

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