CASTING CALL || Michael Wesson

Michael is a bottom with experience in gun play, pup play, leather and rubber. He is turned on by gentlemen with a rough side and a firm hand. His fantasy is to be in the middle of a group in a public setting, like Folsom Street Fair. He prides himself on sucking dick like a champ and will always swallow.

The proceeding is from his application, enjoy it, then go to Facebook and tell us whether he’s what you’re looking for in a

Michael’s Application. –

  • [cock size] => 6″
  • [cut/uncut] => Cut
  • [height] => 5’10”
  • [weight] => 165 lbs.
  • [hair] => Brown
  • [eye] => Brown
  • [bodytype] => Average
  • [ethnic] => White
  • [recdrug] => Marijuana. Once or twice a year.
  • [fucking] =>Bottom
  • [sucking] => Vers
  • [piss play] => Vers
  • [nipple play] => Vers
  • [felching] => Vers
  • [fist fucking] => None
  • [rimming] => Vers
  • [S&M] => Bottom
  • [turn ons] =>  I go for a gentleman with a rough side, a man who’s not afraid to have a firm hand. Mustn’t be afraid to experiment and explore, and know how to just enjoy life to the fullest.
  • [turn offs] => I can always find the good side in anyone.
  • [fanatasy] => I love public/group sex. I’ve always wanted to be in the middle of a group and/or in a bar/club/street fair (think Folsom or IML) setting.
  • [sexual talent] => Experienced in gun play (Read Below), pup play, leather and rubber. I pride myself on being able to suck dick well, and always swallow. I don’t really say no to much, and will try just about anything once.


  • “Gun play is the use of firearms in sexual play. This can range from simple roleplay to their use as full-on sex toys. Like all fetishes, there is a wide range and variety to how play is carried out. Some use simulated guns (Airsoft/bb guns) just to get the image and help get into the proper headspace, while others use live firearms (either loaded or unloaded). I’m an incredibly curious fellow, and was lucky enough to have a friend of mine (who I now live with) who was into gunplay. Most of what we do is he points his (unloaded) pistol at me in order to assert his dominance and order me to perform for him. Other times, he puts the barrel in my mouth or my butt, with a condom over it if it’s going up my rear. It’s something we play around with from time to time to spice things up. He is active duty military, and I’m a former armed security officer, so we have both received extensive training in the proper and safe handling and use of firearms, and we ensure we take proper precautions to make sure both of us finish the scene in one piece.”

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  1. He’s kind of hot, but I’m not so much into the “pup” gear. Sorry. Please don’t judge me. LOL. Jock strap him and toss him to the guys though and fill that fuzzy ass with cum.

  2. Woof! Very hot pup there. Get him in front of a camera, in a jock surrounded by horny men and let happen what may!

    I vote YES!

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