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Hey, all you horny men.

I’m on holiday now. We are staying at this amazing villa in Greece on the island of Kefalonia. Eating so much food we can hardly walk, and are basically just enjoying ourselves and relaxing by the pool all day long. It’s very nice and relaxing, etc.



But not far away there are some very poor people who can hardly feed their families, who have lost their businesses and jobs because of the economic downturn. It makes me very sad and uneasy, and a bit disgusted at our behaviour in a way. Why does life has to be so unfair to people? One would have thought that over the years, as we humans have evolved, we would have come up with a better system for survival than that of competition and an emphasis on wealth in its physical form. (It’s oh so primitive… I’m all for carnal physical sexual primitivity, raw horny sex hehe, but life in general could be so much simpler, no?) What about a society based on kindness rather than all this power and monetary search and self justification, etc.?

At the superstore by the entrance there are two cardboard boxes where you can leave food for the homeless and poor if you so wish. I bought some extra pasta and juice and left it there when we went shopping. I hope the store actually gives it to the people and that it’s not just for show…

And in the town there is an orphanage that I hear has had to take in nearly 60-70% more children than usually since the onset of the economic crisis, due to their parents not being able to feed them, etc. I didn’t know that any European countries still have working orphanages; I had presumed they all had been closed and replaced by foster care families, etc., like in Sweden.

I hear the orphanage has visiting hours from 9am-1pm, so I’m going to try to visit today and see if they need anything–maybe I could try to raise some money for it back in the UK or something. Or maybe do a documentary? Last time I visited an orphanage I was only 11 myself and it was in Colombia, when my mum and I picked up my adoptive younger brother. I’m so nervous with anticipation that I woke up at 6am.


I had a dream last night that a lot of children had been transformed into crows for one reason or another. And if an adult would feed them or be kind to them they would become children again, and the adult would look after the child – but none of the adults knew this.

I was with a friend outside his house. He’d built some sort of extension that he needed me to check. A bird came to sit on the wall next to me and I reached into my pocket for some breadcrumbs, which I gave to the bird. He looked at me and then suddenly he had human eyes and a little boy was sitting there naked on the wall in front of me. I was very shocked but happy at the same time. I said to the boy, “Welcome home, you are safe now.” He smiled up at me, and answered, “I know, Dad.” I fetched him some clothes and we left. It all felt so natural.

Then I woke up.

But not before seeing another bird being transformed into a child, but this child was alone in an empty derelict bus, and another one somewhere else, and yet another one, all alone. It made me very sad.

Making porn and being an architect and photographer and ex-dancer, etc., is all good and fun, but there is something much deeper and more real in the world that I’m missing, I think. Something that I can’t yet grasp, something I’m trying to reach. A physical need to help others, I guess, in some way…


But I feel completely helpless and unable to help. I really want to do something about it, though; I just don’t know exactly what to do or how?

I’ve also been writing my chronicles. I hope to finish the printed version of these blog-posts this summer, ready for publication in August.

Big hugs,


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  1. Helping others is never a bad thing. If you take on a child, you have suddenly given birth you are responsible for them. It’s like getting a puppy at the pound, except this puppy will live a LONG time. That isn’t saying you shouldn’t do it. I have a Little Brother who has been in my family for 15 years, and was sort of adopted this way. It’s a responsibility that is different from putting $1 in a homeless person’s cup. Kids need us, need you, need help and support. It’s a GOOD thing, it just come with strings !!

  2. Anton, we have to realise it is time to think outside the box. Even making porn according to the rules (companies, goverment rules, ads, etc) feeds this beast that has caused all this misery you have experienced in Greece, and maybe in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ireland and soon and many other European countries. As much as I love porn I feel really unpleasant to watch it knowing the situation in my country (yes, I am Greek). I really appreciate your thoughts but any trial of helping through an organisation/NGO or whatever is doomed. Time to make your dream: feed those crows with your own hand with no intermediates.

    1. That’s a very interesting thought proposal indeed,
      And u are right, what I can do with my own hand I would instantly know would help others,
      I also heard that yet another established “charity organisations” here in the uk had been closed down as their accounts were missing large amounts of money etc, so sad

  3. Hi ANton I think you got it wrong…everything has involved around us but human is still as primitive as 1000 years ago…selffish, predator, auto killing himself and so on… maybe thats why we are like a cancer on the planet.

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